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[INFO] Deletion of inactive accounts

By [Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - March 14, 2017, 18:26:38
Hello everyone,

 On April 17th, we will delete all the inactive Ankama accounts to free up our databases.

 Accounts considered inactive are those that meet all of the following requirements:

- No connection on the websites or in play for at least 2 years
- Have never subscribed
- Have never spent Ogrines or real life currency in the shop and / or on the Ankama Shop

Once deleted, the account becomes inaccessible and everything it contains is lost: the characters, their equipment, gifts and Ogrines. Therefore, we invite you to login with your account, either in-game or on our websites before the deadline.

 As of today, you have 30 days to connect your account and keep your data.

 The accounts concerned will receive an email shortly informing them as well.

 In the event of technical problems or any issues, we invite you to contact the Ankama Support.