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Forum eats posts after brackets

By Kaitenzushi November 27, 2013, 13:12:46
I've found that the forum software will eat any part of a post being submitted that follows after an <.

I discovered this after twice having my post eaten which contained the string: 70 < X < 80.

Obviously I'm typing the HTML code here because I can't type < without the rest of the post getting culled. This very much sounds like bad use of HTML code detection.

Even the "insert code block" option barfs on the usage of this bracket!
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Thats very interesting (testing it myself now).
> ^^

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Good test, I didn't think to check the > sign yet which is used to signify the end of an HTML command.

So here it goes: did the > appear correctly?

EDIT: yes it did.

Also! Whenever you do manage to enter an opening bracket like <, editing your post will convert it back into a normal <, which will make the forum eat your post again upon saving. So adding a < to your post through edit will kill anything you add after it.

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