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Huge Feca Bug.

By CroatsWarning November 22, 2013, 07:44:35
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Feca 1 casts feles harmor on Feca1, Iop1 runs over to feca1 and on turn is damaged by feca1.

Feca1 casts feles harmor on gobball1, gobball2 runs over to gobball1, Unharmed. Gobball1 then runs up to feca1, (Feca1 still has feles harmor on) Feca1 is damaged by gobball1, and then Gobball1 is undamaged by feca1's feles harmor..

Fecastopheles HARMOR is bugged and only damages player, and teamates, No way of using it for hurting an Enemy..

Also thanks to who closed my last thread with no explanation or anything, Real good job there.
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Hey Croats!
This is the spell text for the spell in question:
This spell either activates a Harmor which inflicts damage on the wearer's allies if they start their turn on an adjacent cell, or places a Glyph which injures and immobilizes anyone who enters or starts a turn in its area of effect.
Due to my launcher being bugged, I can't test this myself right now. But I'd like to draw attention to the fact that the spell says that damage will be done to the ally of the wearer at the START of their turn. That is the disparity between the two accounts you gave as your example.
Hope this helped!
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I don't know if I didn't sum it up well enough.. But I appreciate your helpful feedback..

But what I am also saying IS, if that is how its supposed to work now It doesn't.

There is no way to hurt an enemy, whether they are standing next to each other with feles harmor on or whatever, it does not hurt them, only Yourself and ally's.

another Notice of the Bug.

before : 2 allies with pheles armors close together = no damage on either of them when start their turn but damage the enemies in contact. enemy with pheles armor not damage feca's ally, but damage other enemy in contact instead.

now : 2 enemies with pheles armors close together = no damage on both enemies when start their turn. but damage every allies in contact when start their turn. ally with pheles armor when start close to other allies will do damage on them.

In short , 0 possible way to make pheles armor do damage on enemy.
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