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Al Howin Achievement = 0 Reward

By Revenant-Verse - MEMBER - November 19, 2013, 22:01:38
I completed Howin Heaven's Name...? and The Unhuntable Monster Hunter Quest at the same time.

Character name: Kouhei
Ankama display name: Revenant-Verse

Date and time: 11/19/13, 3:30 pm
Map: Astrub

Bug description: I finally killed the last ghoul meeting the requirements for the Unhuntable Monster Hunter Achievement for a total of 666 ghouls. After completing the first achievement Howin Heaven's Name...? was completed at the exact same time as Unhuntable Monster Hunter was the last part to it. The second achievement somehow did not active because one was already in its place and I received no rewards from it.

I did not have enough space in my inventory so instead of putting it in a temporary box like it usually does when my inventory is full, the second achievement, WITHOUT MY CONSENT, deleted all the items?!?!

No blibliobranch
No Occult Candelabra
I recieved Al Howin Prince
No 5 almoken

I did recieve all the items from the Unhuntable Monster Hunter Quest.

Reproducibility: I'm not going to kill 666 ghouls again, no thanks sad.

Some Pictures:

Me completing the achievement but receiving nothing

The only thing I received from the second achievement:

Edit: Awaiting a response, any feedback is helpful I'm not exactly sure what happened but I didn't receive any of the items I was supposed to receive.
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Still awaiting a response...
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At least you got your un-huntable monster hunter costume... I killed close to 800 halloween goballs and ghouls and got everything but the one thing I wanted... THE @*#$% COSTUME!
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