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Quest "Vamos a La Playa!" is uncompleteable.

By Taku- - MEMBER - November 12, 2013, 22:44:52
Character name: Lord of War, level 108 Iop
Ankama display name: Taku- (this account)

Date and time: November 12th, 2013, approx 3:30 PM Central
Map: Bilbiza Island (Costa Del Jellix)

Bug description: Upon going to the island for the first time on this character (via the boat from Amakna, the charactre's nation), the quest was started and it reads:

Vamos A La Playa!
Find the program of activities at the welcome kiosk

I'm at the welcome kiosk (a small stand with a jelly in it), but nothing is interactable in order to continue the quest. The map points directly to that kiosk as the quest marker, but I can not click anything in order to complete it.

Reproducibility process: Go to the island for the first time on a character, try to complete the quest that automatically starts.
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Going to second this bug, I had a friend get the same issue.
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