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Didn't receive Magmog token/ember after the fight won.. And here's something else

By Seguchi-sama - MEMBER - October 25, 2013, 00:43:30
Panda carries an eni. Three gobbalrogs are surrounding the panda. After cataclysm and summons' attack, panda dies and eni lands ON THE SAME CELL where the panda used to be. Panda VANISHES from the fight, counts as K.O., receives no token and ember, though we won the fight in the next turn after this fun happened. But kamas and experience are given correctly.. Hope for token compensation.

Currysauce is that poor panda.
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When there is no spot to put the carried character down when the panda dies, then the Panda vanishes from the fight immediately instead of being KO for 3 turns.

It seems intended to prevent positioning bugs
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