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Im seeing things that arent there (BUG)

By ThyHolyOverlord - MEMBER (+) - May 03, 2013, 20:13:45
Character name: Flonne
Ankama display name: Thyholyoverlord

Date and time: since the last update
Map: every map everywhere T_T

Bug description: Since a the last update im seeing things that arent there, it started with my haven bag furniture disappearing and appearing. Sometimes i have a bed and other times i dont, this happens with all my stuff. But now its getting even weirder when im outside my haven bag.

I see a scary wooden puppet everywhere, its on every single map, in every battle, just everywhere. I can only see it with flonne, other characters appear to be unaffected. To show you im not getting crazy i took some images:

in front of the boat

In battles

Reproducibility: No idea, i wish someone could tell me sad 
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You've got to hide, man! You can't just stay out in the open. Avoid small spaces. Stay out of your haven bag; that's where they breed. Always stay grouped with someone. And stop using the zaaps! That's how they got my friends. The coming for me too. I don't know how much longer I can keep this up.

kidding! I kid. Really. Have you tried reinstalling the client?
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i usually see a naked, fully white, eni called "unknown" with no nation ._.when my character is not looking at it, it moves closer and closer, i usually use a recall potion to avoid that damn thing getting close enough... i dont wanna know what happens if it touches me wacko 
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^That's some how turn to be creepy story.... O[]Olll
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deadcafe|2013-05-03 22:55:03
kidding! I kid. Really. Have you tried reinstalling the client?
Ok i installed the client but that didnt fix the problem, almost had hope as the first part of my havenbag came back. Now my eniripsa room is empty T_T

I finally fixed this problem, i had 1 doll that had a ghostof insignia from the magazine and i believe that was the problem. The insignia didnt show and when i took the insignia from the doll it did not want get picked up. Here's what i did:

I entered and left my havenbag till the dolls showed up,
Then i took the insignia's and sets they wore,
Since some dolls didnt want to get picked up i had to enter and leave till it changed its mind,
Then i locked the dolls up in my chest where they can rot away :/
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