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Clanmember does not give the key (ruins of the asparah gorge)

By ThyHolyOverlord - MEMBER (+) - April 18, 2013, 17:04:06
Character name: Orgasmo from my friend Megapacco
Ankama display name:

Date and time: 18 april
Map: ruins of asparah gorge

Bug description: The clanmember does not give the key on some characters
tested it with multiple characters and on 1 lvl 110 iop he does not give a key needed to continue the main quest. He tried talking multiple times. The key is needed for the heal quest.

I made this bug report for my friend since his english is not good enough to write a bug report wink 
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same problem on my friend's enu....
he got 4 of his char done the first part but only 3 char got the key

fix it please :x
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Same thing on my sacrier. No key and no way to get further.
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