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Eni learns to fly :)

By AngelicPorcelain - MEMBER - December 19, 2012, 15:35:33
Character name: Kanade
Ankama display name: AngelicPorcelain

Date and time: 3:05 - 19 December
Map: Kwismas Island death - Brakmar Village - Gnashville

Bug description: Died in a fight on Kwismas Island, my saving point via Phoenix is in Gnashville but instead of going straight there my enirispa decided to "fly" all the way. When i died my character went to Brakmar Village and from there i "flew" all the way to Gnashville where my character eventually stopped "flying" as i reached the Phoenix.

Reproducibility: As much as i enjoy a good flight smile i haven't tried dying intentionally to see if the bug occurs again.

Quite an exciting bug i must say smile nothing has gone wrong with my character as of yet (that i can tell of) but if there are real issues ill be sure to edit my post.

Here's some interesting pictures of my trip around Brakmar :

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Rofl. xD
Funniest bug I've seen in a while...
Score : 2201
Aacher|2012-12-19 15:46:37
Rofl. xD
Funniest bug I've seen in a while...
I know right biggrin it's one of the few bugs that's worth posting just for a laugh,
who knows maybe it made someones day happy

~ Kanade
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Ooh, I want a flying tour of the world too biggrin 
Score : 2201
Nillii|2012-12-21 08:51:39
Ooh, I want a flying tour of the world too biggrin
At first i was like "Oh no!" sad but gradually as i received my "tour" of Brakmar the feeling was more of huh "this is actually fun, Oh my Gosh my eni can fly!!" happy


~ Kanade
Score : 2451
Hahaha unbelievable, it's so awesome this happened to an Eniripsa, too XD
I hope I'll go flying randomly too soon *w*

-Xx Rayne
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