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Haven bag + Kama wipe bug

By caJuNN - MEMBER - November 28, 2012, 16:55:06
Character name: Gambit
Ankama display name: caJuNN

Date and time: 15:30 GMT
Map: Crusty Road market

Bug description: My kamas have been reduced to 0, my haven bag has been reset to it's initial state.
Reproducibility: I haven't the slightest clue.
Hello. I have no idea how this bug still exists after 2 years, but yet here I am yet again, experiencing it, this time for a service I pay for. I logged in specifically before the last hotfix's deployment to go out of my bag, as I always suspected people who aren't in their bags during maintenance are somehow protected. Unfortunately, when I logged back in, my character was rolled back into his bag it would seem. I was out of my bag when I logged in, but standing on a bag tile at the market, which is not where I logged off when servers went down. As you can imagine, upon logging back in I noticed my kamas gone, and shortly after noticed my bag has been wiped.
I will write a full bug report/ticket as soon as ankama support site actually starts loading up properly. I have saved the bug report file the game asked me to. Please let me know if I will receive some sort of adequate compensation or if I should just cut my losses and be done with this game. Something more than "this has been forwarded to the developers" would be swell, as I don't believe the developers can actually help people who have already experienced this.
First Ankama intervention
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Thank you for reporting this.

I informed the developers.

Please ask anyone who experience this issue to gather their feedback here.
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I wasn't inside my bag and was wiped out of kamas and my hb was reseted, so no, we are not safe.
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All the time people put in...we understand it's only a game..but it's more when you pay and give time to's just scary.
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If this is of any relevance, I have screenshots of what my bag used to look like. I've always feared the reoccurance of this bug ever since beta, especially since I have invested a ridiculous amount of time and money into my haven bag. Let me know if there is any point in posting them or forwarding them to support (if the support page ever loads).
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Thank you for reporting this.

I informed the developers.

Please ask anyone who experience this issue to gather their feedback here.
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Me too, i lost 14.000 kamas and all the items in my heaven bag.
please fix it, my pg name is Peco
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My ig name is Horae, it's my only character who was affected, she was logged in, outside the bag, at Mmporg's field (the Brak trapper field), after the hotfix I logged in and was in Gnashville, in front of the Zaap, the place I logged out at before the last time.
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I have also sent a bug repot with the game logs, as requested. I remember you asked the person from another thread give you their ticket ID to make sure things go smooth, Troyle. Let me know if you want my ticket ID.
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Disappeared approximately 800-900 punge from my chest in the haven bag and my maka wisdom 89 too and 9 vulgar dye.

Character: Destiny

( This happened after the last update)

Edit: the reason can be this,my char out of the haven bag and my haven bag in front of my char.
As you can see from screen there are ( i guess cause the little rollback) my haven bag (because before the shutdown of the server i logged out from there) and my character out of the haven bag after the last update.

When my haven bag is gone from Bonta I suppose it is "reset" just before the server down, so I lost all the steps of material that I had made up when the server go up after the hotfix.

Sorry for my bad english, hope you understand

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This is a big things guys, a lot was lost here, please continue posting so something is done about it.

And Troyle, I know your work is more as a mediator and it's up to the devs to solve these problems, but please tell us what is going on, if there is any estimative of if or when it will be solved, how it will be solved and if there is anything else we can do to help. This is no small bug, each time I log in or refresh the forum there is a new post about it...
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As Tebianco pointed out, this is surely the most game-breaking bug out there. However, I am not put at ease when I know there is no adequate protocol compensation for this bug which has been happening since 2 years ago, and I find that ridiculous. Yes, you forward all of these reports to the developers, but am I wrong in assuming their job is to patch it up so it stops occuring in the future? As wonderful as that would be, this still leaves is in the wind. We have already been burned by this bug, and even if (hopefully) it is finally fixed by the developers, we are ultimately in the hands of support, who have the power to roll our bags back, should they deem us worthy, are we not? This is the part that worries me even more - as much as I love Ankama products, I think it is no secret that support has never been one of your strengths, and leaves much to be desired still. I guess what I'm trying to ask plain and simple is: Is there any chance we may get individual rollbacks (which is the obvious thing to do) by support, as the French community has before, or should we just hope enough people got this bug this time around, to warrant a full on rollback? Please Troyle, if you could clear up our possible compensation for something as devastating as this, which is entirely not our fault, we would all appreciate it. I have been a subscriber to Ankama products since 2007, I'd really hate it if this is how it ends.
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i got this same issue,all my Heaven gems,items on heaven bag and all my kamas disappear on this last hotfix in 28/11/2012
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I suffer from this bug too. Cheer up bro, we should have a bunch of patience to make the devs understand the situation and bring our items back. D:
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Same here, I got this bug yesterday (27/11/12) after the update.
Character name; Odeen.

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Those who didn't do it yet, please provide the name of the character(s) that suffered the bug.
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I have already posted a report about my case but I will also put it here.
Hellios - Lost Rampart Epaulette and 2kk kamas
Hope we get our items back. T_T
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Troyle|2012-11-29 10:32:53
Those who didn't do it yet, please provide the name of the character(s) that suffered the bug.

(Click here)
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Will we even get any kind of upddate on it? If there was any kind of advancement about this issue?
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It happened with me too, with my character Keiss, I also made a post about that, but I got no reply from anybody huh 
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