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Renaming Bug? :(

By AngelicPorcelain - MEMBER - November 03, 2012, 00:47:17
Im hoping Troyle will comment on this and be able to help me, I bought 2800 ogrines a day or two ago to rename my character and it worked, i was happy and everything now i wanted to logg my eni and the request to change my name pop's up but i dont want to change my name again because im fairly happy with what it is now.

Now my question is, can i be helped? and i know this might be an issue for support but i dont want to try and get a hold of support to help me because then i will lose a good day or two's worth of almanax tokens. Im sure i dont have to state the unfairness and frustration of this issue..

~ Angelic Porcelain, Kanade (newly changed name)
First Ankama intervention
I'm looking into this, I'll come back to you as soon as possible.
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I'm concerned since I was going to change a character's name too, soon... but just to clarify what you're saying:

You renamed your eni to Kanade.
Every time you log in, it's asking to rename again.

is that right? also im guessing there's no decline button? are you forced to pay more than one time with ogrines?
No, I changed the name once like a day or two ago and it was fine until today, i didn't have problems before and no sadly there is no decline button. I haven't been on my eni most of the day because i was busy leveling an alt but when i tried logging her in to do the Almanax quest of today (3 November) the renaming thing popped up on my screen so i cannot log her...
And i do not wish to change my eni's name again i paid to change it once and i was happy with it.
Now this *sigh* sorry Im kind of tired haha, might i add it would really suck if i had no choice but to change it and wait a whole 3 months to pay again for 2800 ogrines to get the same result i already paid for.

Did you try to wright the same name? It might work.

O Respeitador 
MODO-Respeitador|2012-11-03 15:21:51Hey!

Did you try to wright the same name? It might work.

O Respeitador
Thank you for replying! happy
and yes i did but sadly the option to say rename fades, its a pity there's no cancel button for this service. I truly hope this can be fixed for me somehow sad 
Damn, I was thinking of changing my Eni's name as well (before update), but now I'm kinda glad I didn't, Hope they fix this soon, cause i wouldn't want to pay twice to do the same action. Or to not be able to do the daily Quests because of this.
2 days worth of Almanax tokens lost..
countless hours of being able to level a maka or do some professions...
I wouldn't recommend making use of this service if they don't fix this and help me out since i already paid for my service which is now a problem after the payment.
I'm hoping to receive help on this matter today since support didn't help me but I'm not surprised since they haven't even gotten back to me on a ticket i sent 6 months ago..
As much as i love this game and respect what Ankama does for us i feel its not a matter of that right now since i support the game by being a regular player therefore p2p'ing my accounts and buying from the Boutique fairly often so I'm interested to see the treatment and help ill get in return for that disregarding the support "service". I apologize if i come forth as disrespectful and rude yet I am sure taking in account the discomfort I've had with this issue i can be excused for feeling this frustrated about this issue by now.
I'm looking into this, I'll come back to you as soon as possible.
Thank you Troyle for addressing my issue and being really helpful, i hope this issue will be solved soon too.
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