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Area Quest - Mourning Wood - Troops of Scaras

By Kuroyanko October 30, 2012, 13:09:26
Character name: Kuro
Ankama display name: Kuroyanko

Date and time:
2012-10-30 13.00
Map: Mourning Wood

Bug description:
When entering this area the quest "Troops of Scaras" had already started. I was not able to read what I should do for the quest since it was in French but expected to find a monster group that I should kill, I soon found it and killed it. I however did not get the reward and the quest did not finish.
Reproducibility: Go to mourning wood, find the group with quest monsters (has an aura and new type of monster), kill it.

This bug is the same type as this one, therefore, I shall not report more instances of this bug as all of these will most likely have the same conditions.

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The developers are currently investigating the many issues with Area Quests completion.
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