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Almanax bug on Oct. 20 (Sephy)

By Kuroyanko October 20, 2012, 13:22:14
Character name: Kuro
Ankama display name: Kuroyanko

Date and time:
2012-10-20 13.00
Map: The Xyts

Bug description:
My character is unable to cross the bridge because there is no bridge. This problem was probably created when the area was updated and the quest was reset for some reason, meaning that we never paid the Enutrof to give us access to the bridge.
Reproducibility: Use any character that was created before the area update to access the area from the Incarnam side.

This problem has happened to (probably) all older characters because of it.
Here is another tread giving information about the bug.

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This happened to me too today at 15:24 GMT + 2 (Finland)
IGN: MereBytes

edit: sent bug report about this and waiting for compensation

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