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Pearly Bilbimussel Statue

By LioVamp June 16, 2014, 14:47:38
Was wondering if it is possible to obtain this nowadays or it is bugged

The "do not leave any pearls on the battlefield" achievement refuses to complete for me

Probably it is "possible" to complete it killing the boss before it has a chance to take its turn, but I do not have enough dps to do it and ap removing does not help to prevent it cast the pearl summoning spell.

Any ideas? Or maybe someone has a statue for a reasonable price (on remi)
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Bugged. Spent an hour trying it a couple weeks back with no luck at all.
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It's bugged. You get a state put on you for completing the achievement at the beginning of the fight, but then it immediately disappears, so there is nothing actually tracking the Pearls, thus no Statue, no matter how hard you've tried.
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So, does Ankama has any plans of fixing this bug? Because I also experienced the same problem
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