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By Celay01 May 04, 2014, 17:56:12
Character name: Celay
Date and time: 04.05.2014 Around 17.45 with Remington Server Time
Map: Sadida Kingdom or Kelba
Server: Remington

Bug description: My 10 pets disappeared from inventory
Reproducibility process: No idea, Bugfu ate them

Screenshots: Dont have, How can I know game will destroy my pets and I must take screenshots of my pets?

My lost pet list: (all 50 level sad )

-Striped Bow Meow
-Tamed Abomination
-Baby Schnek

Ticket ID: 1069611
Issue Type: Losing 10 pets from inventory
First Ankama intervention
Hi guys,

Thank you for your reports and the added information, they have been shared with the team and I have also shared my recommendations: here. The team will be do their best to investigate it.
See message in context
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Experienced this too. Lost my equipped tofu, 2 other pets, and some items in my inventory. It's now 18:00 server time and it happened maybe 20-30 mins ago.
Score : 4956
Pets was with me today, I am sure tofu was with me at moo, after dc I lost all T_T
Score : 296
Same thing happened to me for no reason, when i relogged i have lost whole bag of inventory.
Score : 4956
Weird thing I didnt lose everything, didnt lose all pets, just 10 pets disappeared sad 

And pets are one of most important thing for me in wakfu, I really hope ankama will find them and give me back sleep 

Or did they kidnap my pets because of my posts about gemlin and golden croums? sad 
Score : 2160
Happened to me too. Luckily, all I lost was an amuleto, an infernal set and a divine tofu set, along with some resources. If I had lost anything valuable, I'd so have quit this game. This is outrageous.

EDIT: I just noticed I lost my tofu (which was even equipped) and my Baby Schnek. That tofu was precious to me, f**k you, Ankama. sad 
Score : 296
I demand getting all of my items back, this is outrageous, it's a RIDICULOUS BUG THAT ANKAMA HAS MADE!!!!
Score : 4956
I saw many items dissappearing inventory bugs but this one is really crazy, my bow meow, angora bow meow, gobbly, wodent, quaquack, young wild sow and milimoowolf are still here. Oh really still cant believe that happened ;_;

Well, it seems many people lost pets, not only me, what can our excellent support service and Sabi do for us? sad 
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I experienced too.I lost my some pets and any equipped weapons...sad 
Score : 4956
Lionbar|2014-05-04 21:52:27
I experienced too.I lost my some pets and any equipped weapons...sad
Score : 41
yes today.I had them at before 7h.but now they are missing from inventory. 
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Hi... today i relogged at wakfu and when came back i had lost some of my pets and a few items... i don't do idea of the most of the things i've lost to tell the truth, but i lost 2 pets that i really liked...i've lost my angora bow meow and my most importante pet, my snow bow meow sad i really loved my snow bow meow so if someone could help please, i'd be very gratefull.
Score : 3
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! It cant be, my pet quaquack Ç___Ç
I dont know why i cant find my pet in inventory, i just reloag cuz i was lagging and puff my pet gone...TODAY! sad
I guess is the same bug, ankama help me ç_ç
Score : 2333
My god! I've been saving up for weeks to get Ponkitus and I decided to put it onto my Eca and BAM BAM BAM the whole of the Set and my Mecha cane was gone! Also my beloved Bow Meow, Clawbot, Wodent and Krakotte (al lvl 50) HAVE ALL BEEN SLAUGHTERED! I DEMAND that they view this and give a roll-back! This has happened today! What bug have they hit us with?! Why must this Black Magic exist!
Score : 19
I'd like to mention that I and my friend have been affected by this bug as well. Around the time I had performed a trade with him today, I had found that I had been wondent-and-cat-burgled. My friend then reported that every one of his pets had vanished as well.

(Possibly relevant: In addition to this, other items were also lost in the exchange aside from pets. Every single item loss happened after a trade of around eight items. Four of the items were bugged and frozen in my inventory, and were unable to be placed onto the trade menu. After a relog, the items had completely disappeared.)

This is a most unfortunate issue, especially considering how there are no signs of how this can occur and how it could be replicated!
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so we were doing UBs and then i relogged to do them again since the monday reset took place
and yay, not only all the pets on 6 of my accounts were lost, but also half of the 'pockets' bag was emptied.

i suppose there was some shift at equips database and we are getting a rolback soon. there goes my bandage and two mournes i dropped tonight. yes, i was extremely lucky eventually and was punished with an inventory wipe for that, gg.

Score : 8716
A few of my friends lost their pets as well. MULTIPLE PETS. What devs are going to do, hey, it's not like we're demanding for candies or mea culpas. Fix your stuff and give ALL the items back, Ankama.
Score : 122
Lost Items From Bags
Character name: Natik
Server: Remington
Date and time: Betwen 04.05.2014 to 05.05.2014
Map: 5th Bond Avenue or Chilber Ice Floe
Bug description: I don't remmenber the last time i did look my inventory.
In the morning,when i login on my account i noticed that all my disappeared
1.Scarafly level 50
2.Tamed Abomination x2 (all level 50 )
3.Clawbot x3 (all level 50 )
4.Snow Bow Meow level 50
5.Surimi level 50
6.Bow Meow 25 lvl

my ticket in support 1070024
my ticket in support 1069187
Score : 3395
so am i the only one that lost pets AND half of bags content?
i wouldnt care about pets, i had more expensive stuff in my bags
Score : 2236
Happened with me too, in 2 accs, 2 bags was wipped off ENTIRELLY, and i was logged all the day, can't be hack, all my kamas still on my acc, both characters still have equips and MERIDIA on it, and just 1 bag with pets, equips, resources (some pet food) dissapear... I'm just afraid to log my another characters and see happpened too. I own 4 accs, and how can i work with this?

To be clear, i just lose what was on bags (the firsts at each char, só the other 2 still ahve all there), in both characters was a dark hurl bag, didn't enter on HB cause i'm still afraid to see if the bug is worsy...

my ticket: #1069201
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