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Multiman forever

By Qemon - MEMBER (+) - April 09, 2014, 21:18:06
Character name: Erosion
Date and time: 4/9/14
Map: Any
Server: Nox

Bug description: After kicking multimen from group and filling with actual characters, multimen would still join fights taking up spots with no way of booting. It was also requiring me to have and use keys for multimen at dungeons even though they were booted. I tried relogging/rebooting and it didn't help. I rebooted my computer as a whole and first fight I did it seemed to be fixed but then it auto-joined one of them again on my second fight. Bit of a loss as to what to do with this. Any suggestions?

Screen: Click here

Also edit: Seems to not happen until I've joined a group. sleep 
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I had this happen to a fellow I was partied with a couple weeks ago. He had a protoflex that refused to leave the party. A relog did not fix it.

Now here's where it gets juicy: He removed the protoflex from his stable of multimen and *PUT IT FOR SALE ON THE MARKET*. Nonetheless, it continued to join every fight that this character was part of. I advised him to report he bug and I presume he did that.

The only way to fix the bug: reinstall Wakfu.
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