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Objects inside houses in Astrub not being shown correctly

By MaedhrosLoss March 22, 2014, 04:49:50
Character name: Maedhros
Date and time: 03-22-2014 00:20 (GMT-3)
Map: Astrub

Bug description:
Some objects that should be inside houses (like the mysterious trapdoor on [-2,1] or a chest inside a house around [3,-1]) sometimes don't appear inside the houses. Instead, they are shown from outside and you can't interact with them.
Reproducibility process: Log in on the account in some place far away from the object. Then go there walking. You'll see the object as you can see on the screenshot provided. If you logout and in again, the object renders correctly inside the house.


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Allow me to contribute some more things I believe are related to this bug.

Chest displaying from outside the house, but not visible from inside.

Tree planting tiles over trees.

Bow Meow Dungeon exit no visible.

Haven World (among other problems in haven word)


HW House

I've seen more like this and also another post related. Here.

We need a hotfix for this soon.

Thank you.
Score : 599
For a temporary fix, always try to logout and login again on the same character, next to the problem. It seems to fix it, at least for the objects next to where you'll login.
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