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Trade glitch - Items lost

By Poklop - MEMBER - February 01, 2014, 01:38:32
As it says on the tin, I was trading mats between me and somebody else.

They had already stuck a few items into the items slots to trade back with me, and all the sudden they couldn't put anymore in, for no reason whatsoever.

We confirmed trade so I could get whatever was already in there, then they relogged to continue trading.

3 things were lost and I don't have them-- Neither do they.

The name of that character is Varick, and I was trading on Nur.
Luckily I only lost 3 Urnins.

Also, a mod told me to submit a ticket and I can't find out where to do that, so...
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they hide submiting ticked section, for us to not complain their bugged game. This is what is it(Bugfu).

Wait for it, this is a paid game.
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