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Forumbug: Ankatracker doesn't work?

By ThyHolyOverlord - MEMBER (+) - January 28, 2014, 20:03:00
Ankatracker is supposed to keep track on everything Troyle and Sabi write on the wakfu forums but it hasn't been update a while. I still see the craft revamp post at the top while there have been plenty of messages in the meantime. These messages are usually really helpful, i like to read them and pass them along to my guild.

Is it a bug or a "should have pressed this button thing"?

Edit: The craft revamp topic is just at the top while news still appears on the tracker below it 
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Ok, from what I think you said the Ankatracker does not update when Sabi/Troyle posts (everything).

For me using the ankatracker here gave exactly the same replies Sabi's posts here.

So for me using Firefox this bug has not occurred for me.
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