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Another one bites the dust!

By Adranath - MEMBER - January 03, 2014, 13:36:39
Today's Almanax is bugged ... yeah another one! And that doesn't surpise me anymore! Almanax these days are either bugged or hard/impossible to gather! I guess I will need 2-3 years to get my insignia, but that's not a problem! Problem is that the game isn't at BETA stage anymore! Try to remember that Ankama! We are paying and I guess most of us wants to pay for quality product not early beta game!
About today's almanax: I' supposed to talk to the TV-guy and get back to Mount Zinit. Problem is that I have completed "Mount Zinit" quest already and when i talk to the guy he sends me directly to the caves (skipping the tornadoes fights) and the Almanax can't be complete. Please fix Almanax already!
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This was already confirmed by other players, also on the French servers.
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Even if 1 of your alt's haven't done it and you complete it now, it still doesn't complete the offering.
What is happening.
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I was going to post something here, but saw that a thread had already started. I tried today's almanax quest (on Nox server) and it did not work either.
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The bugged ones are the best! Just log in and get compensated later biggrin 
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Bugged Almanax are my favourites as you get the reward for zero effort.

I did post some of the Almanax onto the Wakfu wiki however I dislike quests so much I found it hard to keep going with them. I dislike the entire concept as well.

My original idea was to post all 365 then how to complete them and what one's are bugged.

If you would like to add to the wiki please feel free. 
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I don't care for free almokens which will be coming as a compensation, I'm doing almanax for certain bonuses and these bugged days are ruining everything. My chars have their desired bonuses like never. -__-;
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To be honest I don't care about tokens that much. I'm frustrated, because it's been over a year and still we encountering almanax bugs (too often btw)! This is ridicilous! Over a year, guys! C'mon!
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