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Achievement Wont Go Away

By CaptainHawks December 18, 2013, 03:27:45
How do you get these things to get out of the list of watched quests? They don't show up in Q or L... so I can't seem to unwatch them...

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You should be able to click on the quest in the watch list, then uncheck "monitor" at the bottom smile 
The quest does not show up in any list to be able to be unwatched. What is the watch list, if not Q or L? Because those are the lists and it doesn't show up in there. Is there another list?
No, you're right. It should be in the Q-list.

Maybe it's not there anymore because the event has ended? Can you actually click the reminder itself? Usually that brings up a details screen, where you can also click the "Monitor?" checkbox.
Oh, thanks! That worked like a charm! biggrin 
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