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Achievement Wont Go Away

By CaptainHawks December 18, 2013, 03:27:45
How do you get these things to get out of the list of watched quests? They don't show up in Q or L... so I can't seem to unwatch them...

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You should be able to click on the quest in the watch list, then uncheck "monitor" at the bottom smile 
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The quest does not show up in any list to be able to be unwatched. What is the watch list, if not Q or L? Because those are the lists and it doesn't show up in there. Is there another list?
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No, you're right. It should be in the Q-list.

Maybe it's not there anymore because the event has ended? Can you actually click the reminder itself? Usually that brings up a details screen, where you can also click the "Monitor?" checkbox.
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Oh, thanks! That worked like a charm! biggrin 
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