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Amakna Eco Problem: Emelka (mainly)

By AwkwardPillow December 14, 2013, 21:59:17
Since the Multiman update this problem has gotten worse. Before the Treechnids would slowly over-populate themselves but you could stop that by keeping the Eco as stated in my post here.

But now even after me, Zoeduhu and Kurisu Maki spent hours yesterday night fixing the eco (Treechnids were way overpopulated) and then getting it to the aforementioned Eco balance I then logged on this afternoon to find the Treechnids over populated (190) even thought the other numbers were well balanced. I brought them down to 150 just to see what would happen, then about 10 minutes later they went up to 170 (as shown below)

I have no idea why it keeps happening, its happened for days now no matter how the others are balanced, i have looked every time and there is no-one planting and I dont think it should happen as it causes way too much work for the few people who fix it compared to the many that ruin it.

Arachi ~
Amakna's current Ecologist,
Remington Server


I logged on today around 6pm (7pm server time) and went straight to check Emelka, as expected it was broken as shown below,

I then spent the next 30 minutes fixing it down to just below the minimum

I will update again with how long it took to break.
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