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Rebirth Mark on Northern Tracker will Buff all enemies.

By NillaSteph November 26, 2013, 08:37:33
So, if i put rebirth mark on a Northern Tracker and it's killed, it comes back alive and can be controlled for one turn, but every other enemies in the fight gets a buff of 2ap, 1mp, damage, and more...
Is this supposed to happen? blink

The same thing also happens when a single Northern chafer gets revived, all other enemies gets the buff too... I don't remember this happening before the last update. It used to be only the revived enemy gets the buff.. sad 
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All chafers always get the army of the living dead buff upon any ressurection.

Osamoda's Dragon revive, player ressurecting all give the enemies stacks of "Army of the Living dead".
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