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Unable to finish the Headhunter quest for Al Howin event.

By kurokat November 17, 2013, 08:19:13
[Posted in Hotfix 1.29 - 11/15/2013 thread]

Since this Hotfix, the game says that I've not done the Headhunter quest yet for the "Howin Heaven's Name..." achievement.

I know I did it before the hotfix, but the star is no longer there.

This is sad as I've now done everything in that achievement now, but cannot obtain the Deco items and (what I really want) the "Al Howin Princess" title (oh and the Almoken's too).

The Headhunter quest/achievement was simple, just collect 30 of each of the 3 skulls and give to Katarina. I would even gladly do this again (as I have the max 99 of each skull on two characters) and both characters cannot get the Headhunter anymore. I've turned in the additional 10 of each skull to Katarina at least 10 times over and collected the 99 of each skulls again, but still nothing.

Sadida Emeralkat on this account is the one having the problem and my Foggernaut Yayakat on my second account are both having the same problem.

- Kat
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(This is said second account)

- Kat
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Same here. Can't complete that anymore tho i did it already.
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Aye, same thing here sad Also the Headless Chafer Quest is bugged for me. I spoke to the NPC, got his skull and the quest log tells me to take it back to him. But when I do, it says I'm there 'empty handed'.
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I have the same bug, I know I completed the Headhunter quest before the patch but now in Howin Heaven's Name...? it shows as unstarred whereas in my quest log it shows as completed (starred). This is on my character Liath on this account.
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Same here.... And time is running out! unsure

little side questions: are the rewards tradable? And is the bookshelf a real bookshelf? Looks really neat.Spoiler: (highlight to show)
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Something weird's going on with Halouine Maléfique too. I've done everything multiple times, but the quest just won't finish. This is what it looks like:

I really hope something can be done about this, because this makes it impossible to finish this achievement, even though everything has been done for it that's needed. This is a screenshot from my alternative character, but this is happening on my main character as well sad I'd really love to finish this quest somehow.

-Xx Rayne
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Same here, i did those multiple times already than its needed but its bugged...still. Again an annoying event from Ankama. And nothing to say about those freakin Ghouls what spawning only once in an hour while gobballs spawn 3-4 times. Kinda irritating!
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