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Pets dying?

By aquabeauty September 07, 2013, 07:19:58
Has anyone noticed that pets are dying regardless of how much hp they have?

for example: My pet has 20 hp. I die once, and it's hp is down to zero...

Is this intended, I mean it's never been this way for as long as I can remember.
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aquabeauty|2013-09-07 07:19:58
Is this intended
I don't think so.
It's more likely a bug.
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If you die I think the pet is supposed to lose 1 HP, not all 20.
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i have few pets i feed regulary. i don't use them in fights but they keep losing hp...
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1. Pets I wear when losing to UB/high level mobs randomly lose 2~6 hp. For example, I died at Vampy once and my pets lost 3 hp, next time it was 2 hp.
Is it intended too?.. Maybe it somehow depends on 'difficulty' of the fight?..

2. Feeding a pet when it hasn't been eating for 3 days and a few hours. It still shows 20 hp, you feed it, relog, come back and hp drops by 1. Weird, at my sight..
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I made a post about this a long while back about my pets losing various amounts of hp when I die. It can be anywhere from 1hp to all 20. sad Its been that way for a long time and its annoying cause I go through powder like its nothing.
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my pets lose 2 from normal fights, it was 1, so thats shady
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