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BC cannot be voodolled at random times

By ThyHolyOverlord - MEMBER (+) - August 03, 2013, 19:44:11
Character name: Rosella (sadida) Rehu, Ohmix, Joghy, Eradicator, Storming Arrow (other team members)
Ankama display name: UwStoorzender

Date and time: 3 aug, 19:39
Map: Black Crow

Bug description: Black Crow cannot be targeted with the voodoll spell at random times during the second phase. We tried this 4 times in this phase and it never worked. In other fights with bc it did work.

Reproducibility: Im not familiar with the conditions in order to trigger this bug. There weren't any problems with the spell in phase 1. his status did not give any information why it happened either.

We request a bc teleportation scroll in order to test this bug more wink 
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This is a very old problem that happens to any spell that needs a target against BC.

To be more precise it only happens after he at least casted one "Up in the air"
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BC can "reflect" the spell and link it to the Sadida. Also sometimes he just becomes untargetable by target-requiring spells, which is a larger overarching bug that affects more than just Voodoll & is the real cause here.

There's nothing wrong with Voodoll, the problem is BC.
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