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Respec Bug.. 4 days ago...

By AngelicPorcelain - MEMBER - July 02, 2013, 20:16:27
So i reported that my Respec was bugged, the ticket was sent Saturday and yes i understand Ankama needs a weekend break also, yet when two working days pass without any answer from Troyle or Support.. then that's kind of enough to make one wonder if there even is someone working for the Support section. At this point I have given up on being helped yet feel the need to express my concern.

I've always had problems with Support really, mainly because they Never reply or get to your ticket [for some unknown reason].. if you guys need more people to help out at the Support section, i am fairly sure there are allot of people who would volunteer purely based on the fact that they also never get helped.

I am upset and rightfully so yet i always fear that i will get banned for speaking my mind even if i try and do it in the most respectful way i can manage considering how i am being treated as a paying customer.

If they can't or won't help me then just tell me that rather than never getting back to me.
If one does not raise awareness of an issue or have people agree and post to keep a thread going you also never get helped and personally i think that is sad.
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