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Trauma's bug in Srams

By GJTora - MEMBER - June 04, 2013, 14:03:06
I know that a revamp is incoming, but as you do today on maintenance, I hope you will do it the next week.

Character name: Old Kahiiji
Ankama display name: JGTora

Date and time: Since 16th April, when you added Frigost to the game
Map: Everywhere, in PvE fights and PvP fights

Bug description: The sram's spell called Trauma, a srambush spell deal halved damage when cast by invisible state because it get the state of -50% damage from Invisibility Active Spell, the push and damage from Shadowy Cloak was fixed, but a new bug born.

Reproducibility: You can reproduce this bug with every sram, it's on every character. Just cast invisibility, reach the enemy and cast Trauma, you don't have to fight against 4 enemies, because this bug shouldn't work as you will get the full 100% damage.

Here are many images that should help you:

In this first screenshot I was invisible, and i gained the malus from invisible state that shouldn't work on Trauma because it's a Srambush spell and it should deal full damage.

In this second image I was visible and you can see the full damage, that should happen in invisible state too because it's a Srambush spell.

I REALLY hope this bug will be fixed in a very very short time because we are fed up with these bug that destroy our destroyed class.

Greetings, Old Kahiiji

P.S: It happens from front too!
First Ankama intervention
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This is a known issue. We forwarded it to the WAKFU Team.
See message in context
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up! ohmy 
Score : 30658
This is a known issue. We forwarded it to the WAKFU Team.
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Uhm well, and I heard there is a patch incoming on the next tuesday, will be implemented the Sram Revamp too? You said it was ready in June, as the other revamps missing..

Thanks, Old Kahiiji
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UP! Ankama what are you waiting before fix this BUG that has ruined our build for months?!?!
C'mon and go to deploy an hotfix for this!

~ Old Kahiiji
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Hi all,

Just to inform that after today's Hotfix, Trauma is still bugged, after 3 or 4 months of people complaning you did nothing to fix this.. I really hope for a revamp or at least a fix on this,


Daz Bonez
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Oh C'mon Daz Bonez, Do you really trust in Ankama?
I just deleted all my characters, even my Sram from this account and then ragequit.
Ankama need to wake up, it's 3 months we are reporting this bug and you just want to complete your fucked roadmap because people is saying this game is shit, it doesn't contain anything.
Stop developing Ultimate Bosses when there are only 6 class can fight them.
Open your eyes Ankama, you are falling in the shit.
This game is still in BETA.

~ The Old Kahiiji
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And the award for most incompetent company in the world goes to ... Ankama! Congratulations , level of incompetence is over nine thousand. laugh
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