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The little things

By May 01, 2011, 16:40:06
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When you remove your display from the market, it appears:

You r display stand [...]

One extra space in there.

Edit: Also, the profession book for Jewellers says:

[...]as a Jeweleryou will [...]

The Jeweler makes [...]

[...]he has to go to the nearest Jeweler's to make [...]

The first line is wrong in 2 things: should be "Jeweller", and missing a space. The second, missing an L, and the third, the correct name for the workshop is Setter.

The Armourer profession have the same issue as jewellers

The Trapper harvestable item from the new mob Ratou is called "Hairy Rat", but it should be changed to something else, like maybe "Rat hair", as "hairy rat" seems like you are collecting the rat itself.
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"Pappy Pal" for the NPC/dialog, by "Peppy Pal" in the "Boy and his gemlin" Achievement task description.

Sadida's "Gust" refers to "Flurry" in the effects of the spell applied to Dolls.
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In the trapper's profession tab, there is "Harvest out of Fields of Plants", it should be "harvest out of Field Plants"
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In the achievement "War Craft", the last 2 items are missing capitalization in the names, and the "relaxing steam room" seems to be misnamed, there is actually one called "abandoned steam room"
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The sailing destination for Crusty Road in Amakna is called Pancake Bridge, both on the world map and in the list when you choose your destination.
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Equipments that add resistance have a pretty long line about it, you can never see it without needing to mouse over to see the entire phrase ("Increases resistance against the xx state by xx%") This is not very practical when looking equipments, maybe even a nuisance.
To maybe exclude that effect, the message could be shorter, like "+xx% resistance against xx state.
Its not much shorter, but the state word will be at the end, so even if its missed you will get the message without needing to look it (and maybe the entire message fits the window)
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They just need to add proper word wrap. There are a lot more things that can't be read in the item windows, like Spell level increases and whatnot.
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I don't think its necessary to have such long messages though, the other bonuses don't say "increases resistance against earth element by xx%", so just make it smaller like everything else.

And there's another issue with the item statuses. Some of them start with non-capitalized letters (like +x max HP, +x% damage), and some start with capitalized letters (like +x Initiative, +x% Resist.)
I think it would be better if everything was either capitalized or not capitalized, so that all of them have a more homogeneous look.
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I hope I'm not writing too many things that other people wrote already, but I did go over at least some of the thread and I didn't see any mention of this.
(Also, I assume this is the right place for correction posting since I've noticed this is active, if you want me to post these in a different place, please let me know.)

Anyway, here goes:
  1. Close Combat [Weapon Master] could easily be Melee [Weapon Master], I think it looks better.
  2. There is an inconsistency in wording for HP, AP, MP and WP tool-tips, perhaps you should look into that? (On the character screen)
  3. Again on the character screen: There's a stat called RA and in the tool-tip it refers to "Range" and "RA Bonus", perhaps this should be renamed and rephrased so it's immediately apparent what this does.
  4. The stat called Kit Skill is referred to, in the tool-tip as "The Art of Jumble".
  5. Butt-Kicking is referred to as Backstab (which while being a little less funny, makes a bit more sense tongue)
  6. [EDIT] Perhaps I would call the Iop's Virility ability Vitality instead. It's more fitting with English RPG naming schemes.
That's all I can think of right now.

Also, this probably doesn't fit here, but if you could make the report bug icon actually open a form that allows for bug submission, that would probably encourage more people to submit bugs tongue

Hope I helped,
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Not sure if this fits text issues or bugs, but either way:

  • Raziel stat bonuses are showing on Critical tab.
  • There are 2 craftable workshops that seem to be the same or with switched names, Tailor's workshop (which have a symbol of the leather dealer profession), and there's one called Sewing workshop, which have the symbol of the tailor profession, but the description says its for the "Designer" profession.
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Small consistency issue with Xelor's Timekeeper spell:

each time you use this spell on the Central Hand of the Dial, you store (amongs other values) 1 AP, yet when you hover over the Central Hand (when in combat), it mentions you stored HP. The spell works as intented though.
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Treemulet description:

Its pendant is made from wood and metal fused together. This will really show your enemies what you're made of.

I guess it should be "this".
Score : 3825
Wood and cuttings are described as Forester's Harvest, but the profession is called Lumberjack.
Score : 3760
When opening secret chests, they usually have emotes, but if you try to open a chest you have already gotten the emote from, it will say you have already gotten the equipment in that chest

The territory "Weapons Bridge" in Brakmar also have the name of "Martial Path". In the clan member info and gray tooltip it says weapons bridge, in the zaap and boat it says Martial Path.
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The boat destination that ends up in Crusty Road in Amakna is called Pancake Bridge in the list of destinations.
Score : 3760
The item "Bramble wood" does not have the second word capitalized like all the other woods.
"Wheat grain" too.

In the conditions of Grain of Barley and Ash Cutting, it says "Centre" instead of "Center"
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A few missing words from the Trapper interface:
Many things on the trapper profession are missing the family, and just have a "harvest from -empty space-" I'll list the harvested items that are this way:

Tickle from
Taur Hairs

Extract from
Crab Seed
Strich Seed
Puddly Seed

Harvest from
Strich Feather
Strich Neck
Crab Stick
Kralove Seed
Score : 3825
The error message
You're contact either isn't online or doesn't exist!

should be
Your contact either isn't online or doesn't exist
Score : 3760
I'm not really sure of this, but shouldn't Sidimote Moors be Sidimote Moor instead? That S sounds misplaced for me.
In the jeweler's profession test, the right answer for the workshop question is jeweler's, it should be setter.
Some crafted items with two names:

Plank of Burnt Pine Wood - Plank of Scorched... (can't read)

Country - The Country

Capeoiera - Capeoeira

Garden Gnome - Gobball Totem
The crafting workshops made by handyman called Sewing Workshop and Tailor's Workshop have their image/name and description a bit misplaced/outdated. Tailor's workshop have the wrong icon, and Sewing workshop doesn't make much sense altogether, I think its a leather dealer workshop (in which case the image is also wrong).
There are some different items that have the same name: there are two Straw Hats and Slave Cloths.
Straw hats could be changed to Strawcrow Hat and Straw Hat, and Slave Cloths could be Brown Slave Cloth and Purple Slave Cloth.
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Using English language in client, when I tried to put Haven Bag item inside the container in haven bag - it wrote error message, but it was w/o translation. (not english)
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