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Handyman display windows

By Nillii December 23, 2012, 10:40:01
The names of the Display Windows for your Haven Bag are very outdated in English. They should be updated to match the categories on the nation marketboards:

Haven Bag: "Miscellaneous Display Window"
Marketboard: Resources

Haven Bag: Quest Items Display Window
Marketboard: Miscellaneous

I suggest the Display Windows are changed to "Resources Display Window" instead of Miscellaneous and "Miscellaneous Display Window" instead of Quest Items.

I know it will be confusing when the switch is made, because old players will have learned that Miscellaneous means Resources, but it is better in the long term to have matching names between the Haven Bag merchanting and the marketboards. Very few people actually realize how useful the Quest Items Display Windows are, because they assume they don't have any "quest items" but they probably have a lot of keys and runes and decorations to put up for sale.
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Hi Nilii,

Sorry about the delay in replying to this post; I agree with you and have just updated the text. The change won't be online with today's update, but will be incorporated with the next patch!


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Thank you smile 
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I know I am a bit late, but I have to add that this problem can also be found in the Handyman recipe list. The names in the profession book have remained as they were before the patch, while the market and actual item names have been changed. Here, I will point them out for you:

Recipe name: Miscellaneous Display Window
Crafted item name: Resources Display Window

Recipe name: Quest Items Display Window
Crafted item name: Miscellaneous Display Window

Could you people focus on this issue for 5 minutes one day and make the correct changes?

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Hey Space Teenager,

Thanks for reporting this, and sorry about the oversight. I'll update the files so that the change to the recipes can be incorporated with the next patch.

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