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an open letter from the russian-speaking community.

By Ursong March 02, 2012, 20:22:15
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And make unicode (including Cyrillic) fonts. Just come to Bonta V Market square at Remington and find out that people use not only English, but also Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian (yeah, we can write in Russian using Latin alphabet, but it's doesn't have some letters making us to replace them with several Latin letters) etc. Simply introducing Unicode fonts will change nothing (people speak language they want anyway), but will allow people to use appropriate alphabet for the language they speak (I believe there not only Russians who use non-latin-based-alphabet, but some people from Eastern Europe whose languages use Cyrillic alphabets, from the Asia whose languages use hieroglyphs, and for example from Greece with the Greek alphabet, all of them would prefer to use their own alphabets to speak in their own languages between themselves).
+1 for unicode
noone cares, they've got chinese implemented lately.
khackt|2014-03-10 09:59:58noone cares, they've got chinese implemented lately.
As I heard Chinese version is actually Unicode-font version and do include Cyrillic alphabet, Greek alphabet, Japanese kanas etc etc etc. But this alphabets are simply disabled in English client by replacing a font with the font with no letters except Latin.
+1 from Mother Russia!!!
Is there any information from the developers?
Or they are not going to add at least russian fonts into the game?
очень печально что ответ так и не поступает, будь он положительный или отрицательныйsad
всё дело в том, что
+1 Russia
Ursong|2012-03-02 20:22:15

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