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an open letter from the russian-speaking community.

By Ursong March 02, 2012, 20:22:15
Dear Ankama.
We are Russian-speaking community of Wakfu.
For development and popularization of the game, we began translation of Wakfu in Russian. In fact our community had been done 75% of the texts and adapted Cyrillic fonts. Translation is announced by us a post factum of the official updates.
Without font specification used Ankama developers of Wakfu Cyrillic font has some lacks. We guarantee finishing of translation to 100% and font improvement over the previous one. But for all these actions we need time. With your support, we can cope with adaptation of the game for the Russian-speaking players much faster and more competently.

Sincerely yours Russian-speaking community of Wakfu.



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Kakoya krasata ya hatcho toshe!

+1 from russia
+1 from russia
Анкаме давно пора было этим заняться :3
Now that we are paying for the game, it's time to listen to Russian players.

+1 from russia
TheCredit|2012-03-02 20:50:25Kakoya krasata ya hatcho toshe!

тут и тут
+1 from russia
+1 from Portugal to Russia.

(keep up the good work biggrin)
+1 russian + azia
+2 from Russia for me and my brother
+1. Greetings from Russia
+1 Agreed.
+1. Жажду нормального общения без траслита.
+1 from russia
+1 Russia
+1 from Russia...
p.s. We have a terrible localization Dofus. There is wrong translate by "".Please don't acept to do this thing, let's community do this.
+1. If we will be able to add Cyrillic font, a lot of my friends will join us smile
+1 From Russia
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