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Temporary Translations for Nox Community.

By Nosferul May 13, 2013, 12:05:54
Hey Nox,

Nosferul here. I'm writting in regards of helping the community out with temporary translations of content that has not been translated. I have discussed with Troyle and Reaj themselves about this player initiative/intent and they agreed on it.

The translations will be only temporary as I previously explained therefore it may be corrected/removed at anytime by the translation department. I believe that it will at least help out a little for people who can't understand the French language correctly or at all.

I previously was planning on creating a new Guild of Francophones called the ''Scribes'' and between us seperate the work but considering the very few that exist on the Nox Server I doubt that will ever be achievable.

Now, how this will work is depending on what you're looking to get translated. I will not be scrolling like a ''mofo'' through the content for I have a pretty busy personal life as it is and I'm not getting paid for this tongue.

I would appreciate when you post on this thread what you're looking for to be the following :

-Link the translation or post directly on this thread; and
-Your feedback.

To conclude, this is considered a player initiative and has nothing to do with Ankama. The translations may take time to do but will be done garanteed. If you have any questions/concerns you may leave me a message in my AnkaBox. I appreciate to keep this thread clean and organised so people may be able to see translations properly and not have to scroll through a Bible.

Before I submit this thread, here is a little about me.

I am born in the West of Germany. Raised in a military family. Joined the Canadian forces at 17 and served for 5 years with the Armoured Reconnaissance trade (Primary Reserves). I am in theory a Francophone but many believe I'm just somekind of ''outlander''. I love sports. I used to be runner (reaching 30km/h in 300 meters sprints). Not a big fan of TV but my favourite movie is ''Fifth Element''. My favourite dish is Schnitzel and Spetzler.

Thanks for your time and interests,

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Very glad to see posts like this.

I look forward to seeing some positive results!

Your efforts and actions will be of great benefit to the community.
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