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Sadida Spell Descriptions are in FRENCH

By SpaceTeenager April 19, 2013, 16:15:18
So yeah, I thought since there is no topic on this in the Translation forum, one has to be made, maybe the devs do not know about this until we post it.

So basically almost all the Sadida's spells and abilities are currently in French on the English client after the patch. If nobody can see the problem with this, is that people who do not speak French have no clue what those spell do or mean. So that makes the newly revamped class unplayable for most non-french speaking players.

Not to mention we pay for a service delivered in our language of choice and we are not receiving it at it's full extend. I would have rather waited another week for this patch (and I think most of us would) instead of not being able to play a class because of translation issues, which are, let's just agree, totally unprofessional...
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Ya. nOticed it too...need to send a ticket to support i guess to get fixed.
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Finally, it's been fixed! I can play my sadida once again. Hooray...
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