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Description of earth Osamodas spells to GobGob

By ThyHolyOverlord - MEMBER (+) - March 02, 2013, 20:37:06
I have no idea whether to put this in suggestions or translations, feel free to move it.

The confusing thing about the new Osamodas spells is that the effect on GobGob is unclear, in the description of the earth spells it is simply stated that spell 1 gives a wish to spell a. It does not say what spell a actually does.

Yes its easy to remember 5 spells and their effects but its a small thing to add to the description isnt it?
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This probably belongs in suggestions, but yes, i would LOVE for this to actually be a part of the Osa's spell description.

Of course you get used to it, but why do I have to be in combat and it be GobGob's turn just for me to look at spell descriptions?

At the every least put it as part of the 'buff' description on the earth spells of osas that you can rightclick
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