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Masqueraider specialties not translated

By RoboTrigger - MEMBER - February 26, 2013, 16:48:48
It appears that all the specialty information is still in French for this class.

Also there is a small bug in text of the Psychopath Mask.

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To clarify:

The specialty information is only in french when you do the following:
1) Open your Characteristics page (shortcut P)
2) open the "Abilities/Class Specialties" window
3) *hover* over the Masqueraider Specialties.

In contrast, all of the following are correctly translated into english:
a) right-clicking the specialties in the "Abilities/Class Specialties" window
b) right-clicking the specialties in the Spells window
c) left-clicking the specialties in the Spells window.

Also, as you can see from the below screenshot, only the yellow text is in french; the rest is in english.

The small text bug in the text of the Psychopath, however, is "everywhere". It's in the "hover text" (see steps 1-3 above), and also in places A, B, and C, above. It is present at every level of the Psychopath mask, aswell.
For example: enter the spells screen, left or right-click the psychopath mask, and drag its slider (ranging from 0-9) back and forth. You'll see that it always says [$1st] and [$2nd], instead of the changes to damage and resistance that that level of Psychopath Mask provides when you're hit with it on.
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Thanks for the info and for the clarification.

The Psycho effects bug was caused by slightly out-of-date information which has now been updated, so it should be fixed ASAP.

I'll look into the other part to see what's going on there. smile


FYI, the Psycho bonuses are as follows:
Lvl 0: +1% Dmg, -1% Res.
Lvl 1: +3% Dmg, -2% Res.
Lvl 2: +4% Dmg, -2% Res.
Lvl 3: +6% Dmg, -3% Res.
Lvl 4: +7% Dmg, -4% Res.
Lvl 5: +9% Dmg, -5% Res.
Lvl 6: +10% Dmg, -5% Res.
Lvl 7: +12% Dmg, -6% Res.
Lvl 8: +13% Dmg, -7% Res.
Lvl 9: +15% Dmg, -8% Res.
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Oh crap. I just made a thread about this in bugs. What do
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Poklop|2013-02-28 05:05:35
Oh crap. I just made a thread about this in bugs. What do
Don't worry, a little duplication never hurt anyone tongue

Sooo, update: I've reported the problem and it's in the process of being fixed.
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