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Trap on my own Haven Bag!

By Felrhad - MEMBER - June 29, 2011, 16:08:42

anyone? i need help! everytime i log on to wakfu i always appear on my own Haven Bag, in my haven bag there should be 4 small jumbled window displayed with items but it doesn't show up, and when i try to go out, this black screen appears..... it's the same thing everytime i log on and i'm stuck, i can't play now because of this... HELP pls. sad

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It's a bug now, most of the items inside often never come back, and you will lost your haven bag forever, until the dev fix it.
To get out of the bag, simply open your inventory screen and click on the haven bag icon to get out.
To avoid starting inside the bag, you need to go to log out in other zones, for example, you have your bag in Bonta, you log out in Incarnam or Amakna, the next time you log in, your start in other place.But you can see your bag laying at the same spot forever, you can not go in.

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