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Kama Mint Fail!

By krishsakti - MEMBER - April 23, 2012, 11:02:52
when i was mint the mats into kama in bank.. the bug happen , that the process still run but the cycle itself not finished.. it confused me
then i try to relog then all of my mangan gone in an instant angry
that really pissed me off.. all of my hardwork mine the manganese,, nou its all gone and the only remain is only the hazy lead only .. i dont get it wacko
please help me fix this
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Good day.

The CCM has been informed, and will let the Devs know, asap.

Can you please describe what happened in a bit more detail?
Score : 582
oh hi mooood!! glad to see u around biggrin

well im just gonna mint as usuall the machine run like usuall banging.. bang bang,. but the round loading progress of the mint not run like always.. i've been sharing my mint with my friend before that i mine the lead and my friend mine the manganes and split the result fairly with him.. then when the machine not work i panic and relog my char.. when i notice that our mangan has gone huh

and magically after a few hour mourning of our bad luck.. my friend just notice thatttt the manga that i use to make kama is not gone after all.. it back into his inventory .. its really weird to me and im report it here right away after e notice our mangan back hoooray smile
thanks for ur fast respond
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