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Things that I’d like for Masqueraider

By MiniMikeh#4687 - MEMBER - April 26, 2023, 21:36:38
I’d really like some kind of 2 cell aoe around the masqueraider that applied shields to himself and any allies in the aoe. I really enjoy using Armature on support builds but the masqueraiders shielding options feel quite low and lacking in variety.

Maybe it could replace the current brutality aura? I don’t see many masqueraider using this spell because of how awkward It is to use.

Another big thing is that I wish we could kill the masked spirit on command, before the rework we used to be able to use dance of death to force reset our masked spirit but we lost that ability after the rework, maybe it could be possible to bring that back? Often times when the masked spirit runs out of wakfu points you’re kinda left stranded and have to find ways for the enemy to kill him without you taking the damage which creates a problem with the gameplay loop.

Cavalcade as well is a very awkward spell, I really like the idea of it on paper but I feel as an air element spell it’s lacking, changing it into an active spell and replacing it with a new spell for the air branch that’s primarily for doing damage could be a nice change.

I’m sorry if this comes across as a suggestion more so than feedback I love this class very much and just want it to be the best it can be ^^
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i didnt read this but its owlite so hes right
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Yeah cavalcade isn't really a damage spell, i agree
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Me reading this post:

Maybe add a "Remove Masked Spirit" button that translates 100% of its remaining health into group Armor in an AoE :^) 

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that would actually be really fun!
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Bring back Casablanca. 
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