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Owlite's guide to the Masqueraider

By MiniMikeh#4687 - MEMBER - January 19, 2023, 09:32:36
Owlite's guide to the Masqueraider

Hello, I want to start with a quick introduction on me as a person and my history with this class. I used to write guides for masqueraider starting around 2013 almost 10 years now wow! I love this class a lot and it's the main thing that brings me back to the game every time. I noticed a lack of resources on Masqueraider and wanted to try and fix that to the best of my ability.

Run down of the build

This build is primarily for being able to swap between support or damage depending on what role you need to fill, masqueraider is a very flexible class which is why I like having this build setup the way it is. If I have more time I plan on going into a more ranged/full support build in the future so stay tuned.


Intelligence: 10 Elemental Resistances, XX % Health Points
Strength: 20 Melee, 20 Single Target, XX Elemental Mastery
Agility: I like to stat Lock & Dodge but if you need to go first to setup teammates stat some initiative
Fortune: If you're running a crit build, which I am not then 20 crit, 20 block XX rear mastery, otherwise 20 block XX rear mastery.
Major: AP, MP, % Damage Inflicted, Elemental Resistance


Sign is a small 2 ap filler spell, I find myself using it a lot during the end of a turn when I have a little bit of AP left over and need to quickly dump it on healing or a bit of damage. Pursuit is a great positioning tool, a great spell for damage during coward mask turns and i'd argue almost mandatory for any masqueraider build. Somersault is an incredible movement tool it allows you to quickly get around the map, get yourself to safety or give you free backstab on an opponent all for a low cost of 2 ap. Fugue a very strong burst option during coward mask turns if you're creative you can circumvent the push back by setting yourself up behind your masked spirit. Unhinging this is one of those open spell slots that you're free to change if you'd like to, I like to use it for the aoe increase buff on turns where I can't do damage but an ally will be able to, an example being when a boss is vulnerable or it would require you too much resources to get close. Sarabande any masqueraider player is sure to be well aware of how powerful this spell is, high cost with massive returns, strong burst heals with a +50 elemental resistance buff on the person you healed or massive damage on an enemy. 

Masked Spirit this active spell summons a clone of your character he spawns with 40% of your max hp any damage taken by the spirit is also taken by you so be careful with positioning! The spirit starts with 6 AP and 6 WP and does not regenerate the WP back. You will need to be creative with killing him in order to get the WP back so try to get him hit with an instant death to avoid taking the damage. He also gains excess AP that you end your turn with at a cap of 6 giving him 12 total to spend. 

Dance of death your revive spell, when cast on a KO'd target they are brought back to life with 30% of their max hp pretty self explanatory. Manhunt this is another spell that can be swapped out for something else, I like using it for the aoe healing in certain fights, you could bring armature instead if you'd like to have a shield spell. Mass Charm while not a masqueraider spell I like using mass charm for the cheap attract it provides, it helps when trying to position enemies or allies. Dislocation I primarily find myself using this spell when positioning myself/allies and enemies, its a swap spell and does require line of sight so keep this in mind while playing. Whipkick turns the target to face away from you, if they're already facing away it pushes 1 cell. Always useful to have, allows you to setup backstab on enemies that you can't teleport over with Somersault or setup backstab for a team mate to take advantage of. 


This is my setup for the damage spell deck, Carnival feels almost mandatory to me it causes your masks to no longer have a WP cost but sets them to take 4 turns to recast. With how WP heavy masqueraider is and how hard it is to regen you want every WP you can get. Erosion you lose 25% damage inflicted and your psychopath mask loses it's damage inflicted buff however the damage increase of reducing res by -200 is around 56%, if there isn't an enutrof or sadida in your team take this as it will help not only you but your entire team do more damage. If you do have a res reducer already I would suggest taking Masks off in it's place. Artful Locker increases your melee mastery by your lock, you would need 800 lock at 200 for the max benefit and 920 lock at 230. Violent Pushes any collision your spells cause now does damage based on how much AP the spell used to push cost, when wearing a coward mask this adds collision to most of your spells while in melee range. It's worth noting that when wearing a coward mask you get two collision procs off of pursuit but not whipkick, or fugue i'm unsure if this is a bug. Carnage just pure damage inflicted, self explanatory. Brute another damage inflicted passive at the cost of armor given and received, which is another reason why I don't like using armature in this deck.
The healing deck is almost the same as the damage deck with two changes. Medicine which reduces your damage inflicted while increasing your heals performed and armor given. Unique Armor is hard to use when there's another shielder in the party but pretty powerful nonetheless, gives you 100% armor given on targets with no armor but -50% if they already have armor. 

The Masks 
Psychopath Mask is useful for burst damage turns or for reducing resistances while using the Erosion passive, it also grants allies around you a buff of 15% crits for 2 turns! It's worth noting that these buffs can be applied to you when your double wears a mask but not the other way around. 

Classic Mask is useful for your burst healing turns, also giving allies nearby you an extra 50 elemental resistance to help get them back on their feet. 

Coward Mask My favorite of the three, it adds a push to your spells when in melee combat with the target, it'll push 1 cell per AP, MP and WP of the spell, great for not only getting targets off of you but giving your spells an added "kick" through the violent pushes passive.

Conclusion and final thoughts
I hope this guide helps you, I would like to add more such as sublimations, and a section for a ranged full support build but I think this is a good starting point. I hope to continue coming back and updating this as time goes on and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, you can reach me at Owlite#0444 on discord or by leaving a response in this thread. Thank you!
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Thanks for this! I'm returning to the game after a few years and had a bit of a rough time adapting to the updated class. 
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Thank you! Over the next couple of days I wanna make some adjustments (mostly cleaning it up so it’s not a wall of text and easier to digest) I hope it helps people get into the class
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Hey, what's your view on Cavalcade and Capering? I enjoy using them for the animation (Capering) and flexible positioning capabilities (Cavalcade) but I had to force myself to use them initially which to me is a tell tale sign that they're more niche than mainstay spells. I still end up swapping them out from time to time because "adapt to the situation" reasons.
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Hi I’m sorry for the late response life kinda caught up with me a bit.

I enjoy capering for the animation and would probably use it if I played a brutality build (melee aoe) it’s a really strong spell especially if you have someone preposition the mobs for you or if you do it for your double, you’d just have to build for it.

Everytime I’ve tried to use cavalcade though I felt like I was forcing it as well, I wanted to use it so bad but with how limited spell deck space is I felt like there were always better options (mass charm being one of them)

I hope this helps!
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nice build
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