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Masq Dist PVP build - need help

By Cola69#6499 - MEMBER - April 15, 2021, 11:15:13

Hi, as you probably noticed, 90% Masq is playing under Mele, I would like to try something different than the rest, so I'm looking for help in creating a build from a distance PVP.

At the moment i have 130+ lvl but build is under 125.

I will show you how my setup looks like and ask for any opinions, ideas and help to create something really good.

Let's start from equipment. It's not a perfect eq yet, but I generally focus on:
- Single target mastery
- Distance mastery
- Dodge (for every two dodge i get 1 dist mastery in fight)
- Critical hit %
- Critical Mastery

Abilities are:
Intelligence - Elemental Res 10, Health points MAX
Strenght      - Single Target Mastery 20, Distance Mastery 11
Agility          - Dodge MAX
Fortune       - % Critical Hits 20, Critical Mastery 11
Major           - Action Point 1, Movement Points and Demage 1, Elemental Res 1

Spells that i use:


Evasion (180 dodge)
Health Mask (Steals 50% hp od dmg inflicted)
Artful dodger (1 dist mastery for 2 dodge)
Erosion (-20%dmg, for every ap,mp -15 res, -30 res for wp)

Stats in a fight:

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