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Question bout a Masq build

By masterfj#8070 - MEMBER - April 11, 2021, 20:29:59

Hello, im new on masq, so i have this question:  If i build my masq full dpt/offtank gear with a secret of life sublimation, does that 10% heals performed will be a consistant good heal in compare with a masq with a healing mastery set? 

Thanks in advance, have a nice day

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Remember that healing takes ALL your masteries in consideration, not just healing (except rear), so if you pack a lot of mastery in, lets say, melee (which is ideal for offtank DD), you and your clone will heal quite a lot at close-range. Just remember passives like Brute and Carnage/Rock absolutely BUTCHER your healing.

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I think the values would be something like:

With a base spell of 100:

A level 200, 3 element, singlet target healing build will give you around 3800 mastery (without enchantments) link:
100 * (1+(3800/100)) = 3900

A level 200, 3 element, singlet target build will give you around 3100 mastery (without enchantments and with secret of life) link:
100 * (1+(3100/100))*1.1 = 3520

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Secret of life is for masqs with half damage and half support build, since you would pick passives that does not have -heals% performed (eg. Carnage).

Unless you're really out of budget to make both full support/heal set and full dpt set, I personally wouldn't recommend going halfway.

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