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Masq MP/movement bug + rant

By Risingsonalt#4514 - MEMBER - February 17, 2021, 16:56:38

Let me start off by thanking Ankama for completely butchering this class with the revamp. Its shit, you made it less interesting, less viable, less fun to play. Unless i guess i want to play like a support bot, my only option is to be a more vulnerable Sram with about a third of a Srams damage. Insult to injury is that there was nothing wrong with the class to begin with, as was stated by Ankama too when the revamp was announced.

I play Masq for nostalgia and drop it from my comp when i go for relevant content. Often when im stacking fluctuation, i bug out. I have MP, i can use pursuit, however i cant walk. I first have to use an ability to break the bug before i can walk again. This happens pretty much every turn at some point and often more than once per turn. Is this something thats known?


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This is a bug revolving around the dodge system and not the masqueraider. It's just common on masqueraider since they spend more time dodging than most classes. 

This also isn't the bug report sub forum - as far as your issues with the rework go that's really unfortunate I completely disagree with almost every point you've made. Fluctuation spitoon spam was by far the least interesting iteration of masqueraider gameplay that has ever happened to the class since it's creation. The rework breathed a lot of fresh air into the class and gave people a lot of choices in terms of build diversity i'm personally very happy with the rework but I also played masqueraider as a support anyway. 

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Im glad to hear you're enjoying it. I know a handful of people who like i have mained the class for years and i have not spoken to one who has content with the rework. Itll have to do with willingness to play like a full support rather than a DD. Still sucks to be stripped of that option. And regarding passives, itll be a matter of taste, but i find them incoherent, dull, much too straight-forward, they dont synergize in any way. Just egh, puke.

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I at first didn't like the new changes as well but I am adapting all right with my masq. I too have noticed the movement bug, it happens frequently and I hope it will be resolved as quickly as possible instead of put on the back-burner.

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Fingers crossed! Its a really significant bug, especially for Masq

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Hello. I am a masqueraider main (lvl 186 currently) since 1-2 years. I stopped playing like 8 months ago and came back 1 week ago. The old masqueraider was a masterclass. It was extremely good and versatile as a DD, positioner and healer. Even though, as MiniMikeh said, Fluctuation spitoon spam was not very interesting, it never failed to succeed in doing big dmg output or big heals. The new spells feel very weird, it's as if none of the spells were meant to deal dmg. The passives as well; Before the revamp, there were a lot of mechanics in just 1 passive, but now they divided everything into smaller parts, making it hard to choose which passive and sometimes you don't even use the same passives like before. I never liked support Masq, it's just not my cup of tea, so seeing that the only viable playstyles of the masq are support/healer, I'm having a hard time adapting but I hope there will be some ways to bring back DD masq.

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there's single target,rear and aoe brutality masq builds

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