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Need an help making a support Masq

By Obzedat93 - MEMBER - January 20, 2020, 17:41:48

I was trying to make a water/air masq as 3rd character for my hero team. I will use him expetially as positioned and using water branch to deal damages and heal.
I'm also planning to use Carnival to boost allies but I haven't ever played masq before. 
As I can't find any build for this here, can anybody help me? 

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The Carnival passive is the core of the support masque. The problem is to build your deck around carrying all masks (that's always a problem for me) If you want to full dedicate on buffs there are some tricks but its mostly situational.

For example when I team up with sacrier I use classic mask on me, psyco mask on him and I focus on low ap spells near him (so he can get additional bonus from my classic mask per critical) if there is a iop in play just throw him the classic mask and stay near him.
If there is AOE DD in team your job is to collect everyone in 1 place.

The other important passive you must learn how to utilize well is Charade since it can lower resist on enemies or rise resist on allies (this one and Fluctuation work amazingly together)

You need to prioritize on some decent resist >70 and some block % (currently the passives that mask has pretty much force the class to be a close combat class so resist in mandatory)

Double is fun to some point but learn to use it as a tool and not to be fully dependant on him

Don't focus on healing aspect too much

Most guides will work fine for your needs. The support role for mask comes from its passives and a little adjustment of playstyle depending on your team and the situation you are in (like most classes I guess) soo focus on resistance/single/mele

here one of Tiefoone`s guides that could work, little outdated but still mostly valid (just look at the stats he is prioritizing and you will get the idea)

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As addaaa mentioned, tiofoone stats work pretty well, I would just add up that on chance you can consider healing mastery stats, usually after crit %. If you plan on ditching some dmg crit dmg apply to both, but at a lower rate per point spent.

Addaaa might be focusing on endgame too much, which might not be your interest. Anyhow his points are mostly solid ones. Those stats are good ones for mask support and allow it to turn for damage on some ocasions.

As for playstyle you will need a few things in mind:

1 - Positioning
One of the strongest tools of mask: tons of positioning. Spitbull, Classerole, Classtanet and scherzo are your main positioning tools and can pretty much let you do anything you want with mobs. Its good to have in mind that coward mask increases spitbull range by one and classic mask gives you one mp whenever you use classerole, both might be very useful buffs depending on situation.

Positioning can also be done while damaging well on mask.

1.1 - Positioning excells with AoE
So the first point on positioning is AoE. If you have anything that AoEs well on your team, you are pretty much ensuring the aoe excells, making it hit 2-5 mobs at a time and thus paying your support role fully. If you do not have AoE on your team, positioning isn't as great already, but still can pull it's weight easily by the next two things.

1.2 - Positioning saves people and neutralizes mobs
Getting people out of range and getting mobs out of range are also a great thing to consider. This can saves lives, avoid AoE and prevent damage overall, be it by moving allies or enemies. All around the game there are enemies that are much less of a threat if they are placed near a locker or moved away from people.

1.3 - Positioning to increase ST dmg
Lastly, you can use positioning to increase ST dmg. How?? Give backstabs to team with classerole or whipkick, thats a solid x1.25 dmg compared to face dmg. Bring mobs closer to your mp-lacking DDs. Orient mobs so other people can reach and dmg them. Positioning for your teamates to do more dmg is an excellent way of support that helps on too many situations and can sometimes be done for just a few ap on mask. Sometimes you can turn a lost turn of an ally into a full damaging one, easily paying off your turn.

2 - Charade and Renewal
Charade is a passive on masqueraider that gives you some renewal stacks each time you dodge or you dont crit with an elemental spell. On a full charged stack it applies 100% crit and a +-100 resist on your next spell, depending if it's a heal or a damage spell. It's an excelent tool for pumping up someone's resist or nerfing something's resist. The guaranted crit also allows critless builds which are interesting, but not as suportive due to classic mask being real good. Will talk about it later.
Anyhow, Renewal is a thing to consider, usually with coward mask.

3 - Carnival
Carnival is where mask supportive buff shines the most. It allows you to give a mask to an ally for 1 ap, for one turn. There can only be one of each mask at a time, so it removes the mask over the other person. This are the most unique buffs in the game: Classic mask with +20% crit and AoE buff whenever wearer crits; Coward mask which gives mp whenever you dodge, as well as range and 20 heal %, which is real good; Lastly, psycho, which gives an effect similar to inversion but at only one turn, which is arguably better.
Remember to keep a mask for you or use it for full effect before you pass it to someone else.
Masks your double inherits from you disapear if you give the same mask to someone, but if double places the mask on itself he can have it forever.

4 - Double and Classic Mask
Double is a powerful tool of positioning and buffing if you place classic mask on it. I can also ditch emergency heals and bait things away. Lastly it can be used for a mass ressurect.
I usually place classic mask on it to buff people with low ap spells + scherzo, usually positioning something as well afterwards. 20% final from classic hits is no joke.

5 - Healing options and the problem of backstab
Lastly, support masqueraider can also heal somewhat well. Since it's artful dodger gives it a huge melee bonus as well as healing mastery, masqueraider can ditch some incredible melee heals.
Overall it has great heals with coward mask but has no way of overcoming heal resist. Preventing damage with positioning is sometimes better to avoid stacking it up.
You can also try using classic masqueraider passive for more heals, but you need to keep double alive for that, which can be a bit of a trouble.
Lastly, you can heal effectively while damaging well enough if you use the right masteries. ST and melee both apply to heals, making backstab mastery and carnage passive the only two things that will not be applied to your heals. This allows mask to play support and healer while still ditching some good damage, or switching roles with just passive changes. This is what makes the class so awesome as a support.

I think I covered most of it, there is a lack of the brutality spitfall healing option, but it's very niche. Overall I like classic mask buffing/positioning + coward mask healing for support.
Any doubts, Im around.
Wish I helped,

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I feel like I am the only mask that uses Psykotik instead of whipkick (in turms of 3AP spell) also I find it quite usefull for collecting mobs in 1 place (and in rare occasions for life steal)


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Pyskotik is the best to group up mobs but the aoe is clunky and easily fills in allies. I use it a lot as well, it's very good, but don't compare it with whipkick, their functions are different.
Whipkick is to offer backstab on mob, while psykotik is to group mobs up in a liny aoe.
Psykotik also uses AoE (and sometimes distance) making it a bit meh when you wish to position with some dmg on an st/melee build. It's my main spell on bruta builds, tho.

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Thank you all guys, you really helped me! Now it's time to make friuts from seeds you spread! Thank you again! 

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