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What do you guys like about the clone?

By X-IV - MEMBER - January 17, 2020, 00:03:38

Alright, we have a clone, just like sran, but he's better! He can mimik some of our habilities, I get it.

I never use that damn thing, unless I have to positiong someone in a very specific place, or I just summon it and then I insta kill it to revive someone. It's another body on the battle field that you have to baby-sit. It can't be used properly on the front lines because you're receiving all the damage it takes aswell. It can't heal properly at the backline unless you only do half of your damage to transfer some A.P to it. I've seen people saying they like the double, but why? What is there to like about that dead weight?

The most someone got from it that I've seen was some people VERY stacked up on res using it on low lvl pvp.

By the way, it does not get the mask for 1 A.P if you have the passive for it, so if you don't summon it with it's intended mask on it will waste half of it's A.P to change masks.

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Having two of you on the field means if the player's positioning gets messed up the clone is potentially in a position to do damage. If playing AoE masq the player may be in a bad position to secure AoE, but they can position mobs to allow their double to AoE. On large maps you can act on both sides of the map. Even on your opening turn you might be far away from enemies, but you can head out and drop your clone, and he's likely able to reach things and comfortably secure backstab.

Aside from that it's another 6AP to whack things with, for AoE masq that's another Psyk-Out which is a big deal.

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You can just give him a coward's mask and have him heal your backline with 6 AP

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As you progress towards endgame, sure, the clone feels less and less rewarding. It is no longer as powerful a tool as it were during the early levels, and even becomes a risk with your exposure to damages.

Still, it remains a very powerful tool for positioning. If you need to place your teammates in order to offer zone buffs, get them away from risky areas, isolate a target or whatever, it works wonders.

It also offers some healing you wouldn't/couldn't perform with the original, and although not as efficient, remains some sort of lasting "free AP" you will gladly welcome.

The one domain it suffers the most in are damages: all passives and secondary stats do not apply. Since most of these are meant to provide final damages, healing, or crit rate it simply means the clone's role shifts towards more of a support, and less of a complete copy of the original.

The impact in all those aspects of the gameplay is also more or less felt depending your masq's profile. I get around that issue by running a full crit rate build with the passives catch me if you can, classy masq, and giving the clone the classic mask; all benefits provided by that gameplay remain true even when you no longer deal damages with the clone. On the opposite, since the clone cannot generate renewal it cannot benefit from the no-crit profile from the start, so you already lose some interest in it. Whereas healers also lose all passive final healing stacks, only the coward mask provides some.

Whichever your profile is, you can always benefit from the clone in some way; and as you said, if you just don't like it at all, it can serve the purpose offered behind dance of death. Costy in skill slots though, but it could offer an insteresting idea with the coming passives: one that would prevent us from playing the clone, maybe allow the use of dance of death without the requirement of the clone (at the cost of a cooldown, obviously) along some passive benefits meant to replace what the clone could've provided. Might be worth mentioning?

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People summed up pretty much everything. I would like to add it's also good for finishing weak mobs without having to go to them. Its heals are also pretty much in par with main mask.

On early levels it's an absolute beast, it's insane +6 ap for following turns since you don't rely as much on passives.

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What i like about having extra 6 PA and 6 PM ? It makes the class that's already one of the most versatle class in the game if not the most,  even more versatile. Of course it has it's cons but with the tools masqs have in their arsenal, the amount of utility you gain from the clone is huge.

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I dont want to remove the clone aspect because i think the gameplay is interesting, and theres alot you can do with it. I can't think of another quirk that could be given to masqueraider to make it funner than the clone, and its a big part of what makes the class unique. I just want it to be much more viable at higher levels, because lets face it, at 200 it sucks. You still need it for some positioning, and can be handy for a minor healing summon. Every thing has been covered to it being too flimsy, doesnt deal enough dmg, a kinda useless amount of ap, and a liability. using classic masq build and classy masqueraider passive makes clone a little better.. but that passive is kinda terrible in several ways that i could get into. Imo masq needs a passive in place of classy that buffs the summon well enough at high levels that it could become as standard to many masqs to use in their deck as artful dodger is now. Here's a few ideas for buffs from a passive, or maybe they can be split among the lvl 2 versions of several passives. It probably needs more than one.

+2 ap for clone

-50% dmg taken from aoe when masq and clone are affected

+50% more hp transferred to clone (or a passive that as a side benefit, increases main masq's hp)

Double can use some of the same passives as the main body, e.g. fluct, charades, masked master

-25% dmg taken by the masq from damage to the clone

Clone consumes "charges" of some sort dealt my masq to target for added effects or damage (idea from azu)
Clone shares the same Resist increases or decreases of the main body

A nice and simple Final % damage increase of the clone

... I want to clarify: i don't think it deserves all of these bonuses that would be kinda ridiculous


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I like it when my Feca cast an AP Glyph on Masq - Masq step aside and cast his clone on the same glyph (Base AP 12 - 4 AP Mask Clone + 4 First Glyphtrigger + 4 Second Glyphtrigger + 6 AP Clone AP = 22 AP to Nuke Enemys in first round)...

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