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Class Revamp 2020 - Masqueraider

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - December 13, 2019, 16:00:00
Hello everyone,

Share with us your feedback about the proposed changes for Masqueraider.
First Ankama intervention

There was a Live on the 18/12. We wanted to focus on your feedbacks and give your some answers, as well as giving some more information on our vision.


We hear what you say about the « Healing » capabilities which is why we’ll probably make some passive about it, to keep the Healing Masque alive.

The community noticed that masks wouldn’t give a deep enough gameplay to the Masqueraider. It’s an approach that we like and we are going to work so that each mask truly defines a Masqueraider role and gameplay for this rework.

There’s also been a suggestion going on about increasing the number of available masks, but it would be a substantial amount of work. We’ll think of a way to add new mask visuals without having to duplicate every idle/walk/spell animation, but we can’t promise anything at the moment.

To tell you the truth, we don’t have a lot to say about Masque because it shouldn’t change a lot. We hope you will keep on giving feedback on what you think would be great for this class.

You can find the whole summary of what we said during the live, as well as a link to the english part of the live here : Click here

Thanks a lot for your feedbacks,

See message in context
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Score : -105
I like the Masqueraider's art and concept of "tribal" masked warriors, like how they spit to heal - it sounds tribal.  I don't like how they phrased the Masq's new revamp "The Masqueraider revamps could complement the Feca's by strengthening the protector role." It sounds like they're going to change the class just so it goes well with another class - I see this as "we're going to make you good with a new revamped class to sell the idea- though making you worse, as you've lost your old identity just so you could help the new Feca." They didn't say it like that though that's how I see it.
The new mask systems seem to be effective. They could armour, as long as they have the ability to heal - or be like the old ouginak and have a passive that lets you only armour or only heal.
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Score : 287
Make fire branch usefull
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Score : 2179
wut fire branch is already awesome
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Score : 2179
As a masqueraider main, I was pretty terrorized when I heard of masq revamp. I enjoy a ton the idea of masq being a versatile boy fitting everywhere and doing several roles at the same time (not perfecting them, ofc). But this turned out interesting. Will comment a few things on this, since survey is very restricted on feedback.

Focus of Revamp
'This class is already interesting. We want to offer it more depth and specialization options. Its impact in fights varies between playing on your own, with three or six characters. We could revise its competitiveness upward in groups of six characters if necessary, but the problem is above all that the Masqueraider doesn't have many viable specialization options.'
So from what I see, the revamp is aimed on specializing masq? I hope that by offering depth and specialization you don't kill current options that makes the class so interesting. Being a schizophrenic jack of all trades that runs around is what makes masqueraider so unique and fun.

Heals to Shields
I dislike heals being taken off since I quite liked it, but the idea of adding shields is quite nice. My only worry is if it will be on par with what was it's heals: pretty hefty. If it is balanced right, there won't be a problem.
And I worry a bit about lore. I don't know how that fits into masqueraider lore since we're throwing needles around (I always said it was ranged accupunture xD).

I like the idea of free masks giving buffs, they sound more instant useful. BUT I dislike completely the idea of them having no lasting buff. The examples of buffs from masks apply only to the first spell used, which sounds pretty lame. Psycho, Classic and Coward currently have a lasting buff that helps your whole turn, along with synergies on spells. I expect synergies to be kept, but will there be any mask lasting buff? The idea is to change masks to give burst effects and enforce mask changing a lot? How does this helps specialization?

Masqs unlocking in the fight? So the masqueraider won't be able to use his masks at will, like if they were in inventory? This seems like a way to block the class powers (and op buffs from masks you are making), which seem more like a bother than of actual meaning. I can see that their buffs are damn good, so I can see the reason of them being locked. But won't it be better to lock the buff away and keep the masks importance in masqueraider spell gameplay? Make the unlock for the buff and not the mask itself.

Another thing is that masks look like they are losing their uniqueness. Ap, mp and armor gain are something many classes can do. Lifesteal on more dmg and less resist (current psycho), dodge mp gain (coward) and critical hits buff (classic) was something very unique to masqueraider and its masks. Won't that kill some of masqueraider's essence?

Lastly on mask topic, will carnival keep existing? It was one of the top support capabilities of mask and one hella fun. I hope it will keep existing since it's very nice and feels a lot like masqueraide soul. In the comics masquemane even gears his whole team with them.

The branches division sounds pretty solid, but you see, masqueraider currently has mobility on all 3 branches (2 on fire, 3 on water and 4 on air). Will that be kept or its mobility will no longer be as awesome? One of the identities of masq is an agile thing that runs around the field unstrained.

Overall Im not as unpleased as I thought I would be. The first ideas are nice but need polishing. As I see with other classes, it feels you are not caring much about class identities and are worriying only about class standartization (making them closer to each other), game balance and killing some of their uniqueness (like foggernaut stasis, masqs unique buffs, osamodas capturable summons). I can see reasons for these changes but some of them look like you only wish to render dev's lifes easier at the cost of some fun features of the game that make it so unique and refreshing.

Anyhow, those were my thoughts on masqueraider! I hope to hear more of it
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Score : 536
I pretty much agree w/ most of whats said here, what I enjoy about masq is its versatility, to find a creative solution to a new problem. This isn't to say that having more ways to specialize is a bad thing, but I don't like the idea of having to stick to a narrow play style in order to be viable. I doubt this is really the intention of the Devs, and ill write my own piece on revamp soon
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Score : 2205
Sounds like they're just looking at what dofus is doing and trying to make it work on wakfu. Armor and masqs??? sounds familiar? 
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Score : -2629
This was my revamp in my mind for masq   but i havent type it, now this topic lets me to share it in here.
MASQ will be better if kind of Huppermage about elements and like an osa about summons;
Please read all sentences before comment..

This summons must support allies only by advantages of patrol on different points and reach to target(s).. 
Real masquiraider must be builded on attack spell only on all elements without equipped masks.
Some spells must be re-builded on included bonuses with equipped of any masks.
Ofcourse , Summons wont deliver masks to targets but Real masq does.
Masquirader throws an elemented  mask on empty tile to create the elemented 1 summon only and if masq has equiped that element mask , masq becomes maskless.
Maskless masq casts spell without bonus.
Summon be counted as Masked with summoned element and Summon cant deliver any mask to target(s) and itself.
Summons only cast their own elements.


If real masq. needs to heal any target(s) and self ,masq must equip water mask or summon..
if masq equips (water) mask while (water) masq summon in combat, action causes dance of death. this action is similar for any elemented mask.
if masq casts fire mask on summon , summon turns into that elemented summon for next turn and all masks will be in cooldown in this turn.
 -Classic mechanism between masks and masq's summons of all elements will be like above.
Real masq.'s water spells mustnt be repositioning any target without water mask but summon water masq repositions any target at similar cast.
of course, repositioning and healing will be bonuses of water mask on current spells for masquraider.
Water Summon reflects %100 recieved damage to real masq.

Fire MASK and Fire SUMMON..

Masquiraider must be equiped fire mask while hp stealing and flaming,incure and contact to targets.
Fire masq summon and fire mask cast all fire bonuses in spells "without repositioning any target".
Fire summon causes scalded on opponents by hornito only around the bearer and lights fire on all allies who wore the fire masks at this turn.
Fire summon reflects %100 hp stealing to real masq. and all allies who wore the fire masks at this turn.. 
Fire summon cannot hp steals..
Fire Summon reflects %80 recieved damage to real masq..
Real masq can cast fire mask once each turn to opponent by passives that target gains extra %20 damage inflected for turn on masquiraider or its target who wore fire mask in turn. 
Each Fire mask reaches max. level 10 on opponent and Fracture spell consumes the level to incure %.

Air MASK and Air SUMMON..

Masquiraider must be equiped air mask while repositioning target but not self.
Summon and allies with equipped air mask doesnt lock or doesnt be locked in turn.

Earth MASK and Earth SUMMON.
Masq can create 4th summon of earth element to be more tank in my opinion. (This is acceptable if 3 (default)  for me).
Earth mask stabilizes the target(s).
Earth spells cast area based spells with movement and armor bonuses.
Earth summon absorbs %100 recieved damage from real masq and all allies who wore the earth masks at this turn and suffers %20 recieved damages.. 
Real masq with earth mask gains armor otherwise all armor will be transfered into summon.
Earth summon doesnt reflect recieved damage to real masq.

there can be forgotten points but thats all right now. thanks for your reading.

Exxo-Turn|2019-12-14 07:49:12
And what does this actually have to do with masq identity? It's a complete new class thats using the term 'mask' for summons and copying some part of current masks effects. Masqueraider is NOT a summoner.

Real Masq. is main character. Masquiraider.
Mask is a tool to use your bonus in spells. Like psykotik; in current, masq cant steal %30 hp if  fire mask is unequiped.
At sametime in my idea, Mask will be a tool to mark your allies when you are supporting your allies.
yes, this is %50 new mechanic but not %100. 
Summon is your twin ,the  current one but twin summoning mechanism is a bit different.

In current,
You can be a water-air based masq and you  mostly prefer water  and some air spells in your deck but you can be full single or melee attack,if so you would like  to add some fire spells and maybe you would like to add all current masks into your deck to gain %20 damage or critic rate or range who knows but mostly on spells of masq, there is no need to wear masks while gain extra speciality on it, like water spells,everyone knows water based on healing for each classes not repositioning,  you can reposition all targets like air spells even fire spells do reposition without mask.

In my idea ,
You can use your spells which are out of your deck by summon a twins.
Twin doesnot need a mask to cast bonuses. Twin always  acts bonuses while damage but water twin doesnt damage.
you can include water mask in your deck,this will allow you to summon a water twin which only twin water masquiraider  casts water spells and its bonuses to heal.
Current water spells spitbull; heals ,damage and switches.
My idea water spell for spitbull: damages and bonuses are heal and switch
Masquraider (unequiped mask): water damages only.
Masquraider (equiped mask) : damages, heals and switches.
if Summon masquiraider(Twin) in combat, Real masquirader : damages only.
Twin Masq: heals and switches only.
Twin reflects the 100% recieved damage into real masq's hp. 

i would like to tell you how it will be useful if earth twin is
An Earth spell which is called rock'n'roll. damages only; bonuses :armor steal, %50 of hero level into lock.
(level 80)
Masquraider (unequiped mask):Earth damages only.
Masquraider (equiped mask) : earth damages, armor steal and +40 lock.
if Summon masquiraider(Twin) in combat, Real masquirader : damages only and transfers all recieved armor into twin armor.
Twin : damages ,armor steal and +40 lock.
Twin absorbs the 100% recieved damage from allies under attack and suffers %20 recieved damage who wore earth mask. because Real masq can deliver masks.

if you cast mask on a free tile when no twin. you will summon twin.
if you cast mask on bearer when no twin. you wear mask and gain spell bonuses after spell casted.
if you cast mask on bearer when  twin is activated. you will cast death of dance.
if you cast another mask on  twin  ,twin turns into other element cant cast a fire mask to fire twin.
level 2 passive
if you cast mask on an ally, Twin supports marked allies by masks like earth,fire twin.
i can include some specialities on air too if this idea make sense ofcourse.
BTW,:i didnt include mask specialities because there wont be( except "%5 critical for air mask").
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Score : 2179
And what does this actually have to do with masq identity? It's a complete new class thats using the term 'mask' for summons and copying some part of current masks effects. Masqueraider is NOT a summoner.
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Score : 1354
Just one note
Please make all masks be unlockable by other spell like pandawas where if you have the Barrel spell you get Karcham and Chamrak for free.
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Score : 11567
Or like Hupper's earth passive that unlocks Eclipse.
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Score : 1511
First I do want to say that I love the idea of masks being free. But i think Carnival needs to say as a passive or to be worked into the spells themselves (They cost 1ap when cast on an ally) since you did place a little emphasis on playing in different group sides.

Second I would love to see passives based on some of the dofus masq spells and the other masks from the Maskmane/Remington/Dofus Arena comics.  (#DiarrheaMask2020)

Always liked Grimace Mask and would make a good passive since you want to make armoring part of masqs identity (gain armor when locking or per enemy at start/end of turn)

I also like how they handle armors in dofus. And I'm hoping it would be handled in a similar way. Having both "normal armor" (armor based on masteries) and percentile based armor (percent of max hp, current hp, and/or level.) (There could even be a passive based on the resistance mask from the comics that boosts armor)

Last I do agree with others that Masks need a continuous effect to help separate themselves from what classes. Yes the new classic and coward masks have unique effects (if those were already locked in) but psycho mask always ends up with someone that other classes can do.  

Exxo-Turn|2019-12-14 16:57:36
I would love to see other masks pop up, but sounds hard to implement and balance out. would be hella cool xD

Free masks would help a ton with not having ot carry 3 slots for them, thumbs up on that.

Yeah I'm not gonna ask for a 8 mask hot bar. I just some of the passives to take inspiration. 
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Score : 2179
I would love to see other masks pop up, but sounds hard to implement and balance out. would be hella cool xD

Free masks would help a ton with not having ot carry 3 slots for them, thumbs up on that.
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Score : 6894
I am not fond of the proposed idea about the Masks unlocking, and the bonusses they provide! -
imho the masks should stick with global passive-like abilities that define playstyle instead of singular activated 'buffs'. Or at least add passives that DO give the masks a more passive-like ability again.

The current proposed buffs they give are so devoid of any unique playstyle personality.. 

P.S. - I also find it incredibly unthematic to 'swap quickly' between masks to gain all their immediate bonusses. A Masqueraider should stick with a mask because it puts them in a different stance of combat expertise, not because it's the equivelent of a 'drug'.
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Score : 1354
  • Fire path: close-combat/area-of-effect damage, offensive support capabilities (reducing Resistances, giving damage).
  • Water path: single-target damage, good range, theft of and giving armor, protection capabilities, defensive support.
  • Air path: mobility and positioning.

Based on that info:

Please add passive to convert stats based on the mask usage
Could be conditional like if start the turn with mask X --> converts stat Y into stat Z

If start of turn Psychopath Mask is equipped, transforms single-target mastery into AOE mastery (max 400 on lvl 1 ; 800 on lvl 2) OR transforms 2 points of single-target mastery into 1 point of AOE mastery

Another idea for passive skill (that might be little OP but just throwing ideas)- A passive to lower damage received from double OR getting resistance/ armor based on how much the double get hit

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Score : 10094
As long as the clone and Masq's abundance of cheap map control and mobility spells are preserved the core feel of the class should remain more or less the same. I'm all for the changes. One thing I'd like to see is the Fire Branches nuke being less awkward to use, Psyk Out is cool and all but the teleport + having to target an empty cell a minimum of 3 tiles away makes it incredibly awkward, or downright impossible to use effectively in some situations.
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Score : 3043
Initially, I chose the masq as a healer, an alternative to eniripsa (because everyone had eni, I’m wanted something more original).

In addition, the masq was a good companion for the before-rework rogues, as it could give crits, could push enemies into the firewall, could healing.
Subsequently, I realized that a Masqueraider can also be a good melee dd (Risingson and Tiefoone thank you for your guides mans).

The idea of ​​giving the masq an armor spells is good, many players complain about the lack of survivability of this class (I personally do not agree that the masq is fragile).
But it’s: “It will no longer (or at least not primarily) heal”  Well... I thought the main idea of ​​the upcoming revamp was to make some classes less exclusive and more replaceable, to give players a viable alternative, was I mistaken? For example, the feca, which is currently is almost indispensable in every party, but according to the description, I can conclude that I will have to forget about the masq, as about my healer? ("Hello, still indispensable, eni?")

“Water path: single-target damage, good range, theft of and giving armor, protection capabilities, defensive support.” - single range dd? But for this role I already have cra and fogger.

Rework of the rogues was a hard blow for me personally, the changes did not make this class bad, but they made it completely different, not at all what I liked and why I loved it.

For me, a masq is some extent alternative to eniripsa(heal) and panda(positioning), and it would be great if it stayed that way. 
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There was a Live on the 18/12. We wanted to focus on your feedbacks and give your some answers, as well as giving some more information on our vision.


We hear what you say about the « Healing » capabilities which is why we’ll probably make some passive about it, to keep the Healing Masque alive.

The community noticed that masks wouldn’t give a deep enough gameplay to the Masqueraider. It’s an approach that we like and we are going to work so that each mask truly defines a Masqueraider role and gameplay for this rework.

There’s also been a suggestion going on about increasing the number of available masks, but it would be a substantial amount of work. We’ll think of a way to add new mask visuals without having to duplicate every idle/walk/spell animation, but we can’t promise anything at the moment.

To tell you the truth, we don’t have a lot to say about Masque because it shouldn’t change a lot. We hope you will keep on giving feedback on what you think would be great for this class.

You can find the whole summary of what we said during the live, as well as a link to the english part of the live here : Click here

Thanks a lot for your feedbacks,

Score : -2629
Only create a class that uses its double to puts target into ally traps, suffer opponent attacks by provocate.
Real masq only needs damage and support allies by masks, there is no need to make this class a healer.
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Score : 536
As a masq main I've done alot of pvp, pvm, ALS, and experimented with several of its playstyles. I'm relieved that the Devs feel like the class needs an overall buff. I love playing the class and have never considered changing it, but there are a few issues with playing it at a competative level. Abilities are sometimes not well suited for the classes role, and identity as a jack of all trades, master of none as they could be. While i truly love being able to substitute a healer, positioner, or dmg dealer in a teams composition that might not be adequate in one of these areas, Masq is simply uncommon in high lvl pvm and for good reasons. One is that groups of 6 w/ each character specializing in a certain role will always be more efficient than otherwise. This is fine, but on top of this, masq is knocked down a few pegs because of how badly its abilities scale to high levels. First I'll give my opinion on where I think the Masq class is now, in relation to the other classes, for the purpose of giving a reference point for how to take the class forward. Then I will give some ideas on what would help make the class more balanced, and fun to play.

1. The Scaling of Artful Dodger: Every viable masq deck has this passive in it, the max 400 melee and healing mastery from investing into dodge is the masqs main powerhouse as far as stats. From lvl 65-80, and 125-170, around the unlocking of lvl 1 and lvl 2 of the passive, this is somewhat strong. However masteries give diminishing returns. Especially in post-enchantment, where 4000-6000 mastery is easily obtainable though gear, these bonuses really peter out by lvl 200. This amount of mastery might seem high from a passive in comparison with other classes, but keep in mind that a masq can use it much less efficiently.

2. The Scaling of Usefulness of Summoned double: The masqs double can be handy, with some decent heals, or a last bit of positioning to get you out of a sticky situation. In earlier levels it can also do decent dmg, but as Final Damage % tends to stack much higher in higher levels, the actual damage of the double in comparison is laughable. In pvm i mainly only use it for a couple added extra heals, and in pvp high level its almost as much of a liability as a benefit since we take all of its damage. The passive we have that actually is supposed to syncronize with the usage of the summon (Classy Masqueraider) takes forever to build, and turns useless when the summon dies.

3. Lack of deck flexibility: Too much deck space and ap cost used on masks. This topic has been covered by pretty much everyone. As the class thats supposed to be versatile, and switching masks, its usually not worth it. Kind of sad since thats supposed to be the masq's whole deal.

4. Few answers to armor: More of a problem in pvp, but one of masqs significant weaknesses is having no real answer to armor. Fracture seems like a spell thats designed for this, but the actual dmg to armor isnt modified by mastery at all and is insignificant by lvl 200. This usually results in pointless long battles where your heal res would build up while doing 0 actual dmg. A masq depending on armor generation (proposed as new change) in this situation wouldnt be much better, as indirect dmg would be impossible to sustain in the long run. (would also be a big problem in pvm).


Some cool ideas and possible fixes to the problems listed above:

-New abilities that let you interact with your clone would make playstyle dynamic and much more interesting. Instead of a modest healer, and also a liability, the clone could be an important part of a high level masqs strategy. One idea is an ability that (for a cost) lets you switch initiative orders with your clone to make your clone go first, this might be useful for setting up damage from the masq itself, this would be hard to balance but i though it was interesting enough. Another idea is to set up passives and mechanics that either buff the double, allow you to transfer resists, Final% Dmg, Reduce area damage done to clone when both masq and summon are affected, (to reduce the class weakness to aoe) or give some other interesting abilities to clone.

-Improve scaling of stat bonuses from masq: basically the only two stats we have to work with in the passives is boosted mastery (powerful at 125- 170), and boosted Final % Dmg, which both scale badly at high levels. Other stats could be possible, like block, force of will, some resist mechanics for example would be more interesting and viable.

-Another wacky and difficult to balance idea that might be interesting, is an ability (or mask!) that lets you transfer certain masteries to their reverse. Aoe to St, if you suddenly want use some of your st positioning spells effectively, Melee switching to distance, for when you want hit something from a little bit farthur and still be effective. As just a couple examples. Again, really hard to balance, but would give so much flexibility!

-As healing is vital to a Masq now, its been suggested that a passive be introduced that addresses this. For me, it seems like this will likely be weak, take up valuable passive space, and something you absolutely *have* to take to be useful in a certain situation. Why not create a mask, or have one of a masqueraiders current masks be devoted to heals instead? This, or make it not feel crippling to modify yourself into a healer, because a masq usually relies on it.

-Another idea (RECENTLY ADDED)  I had for a new active spell that would help engage in play style with a masq double, and help with positioning flexibility is like.. 2 ap.. swaps positions with *ally* with mask... 2 uses per turn.. consumes the mask. This would be useful positioning tool w/ your summon, and it also allows a helpful positioning tool w/ allies, IF you use the passive: Carnival. This would help encourage a support playstyle, even by just having that passive, but make it engaging to use with a mask double, as it can equip its own mask to be consumed.

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Score : 1511
I don't expect Artful Dodge and Classy Masq to stay as is whenever the revamp rolls around. Artful might be changed to something that gives a final damage boost (could be based on dodge or even a dodge comparison between the masq and the target but that would probably be annoying to code). 

Classy is bad, you hit everything thats wrong with, and I like your ideas for how to make double a more valuable part of Masq's Kit.  Even letting it transfer damage/whatever over from the main to the clone would help. (Or if Classy Masq didn't decay when the clone was gone, but thats the bottom of the barrel)

It would be much more helpful  if healing could be triggered via mask instead of a passive. Just move (the proposed) Classic to Wall Mask and just give classic an effect like

When Equipped: Heal 3-21(Light) (The same amount as Mask Master and i dont remember what it heals at low levels)
At Start of Turn:  Armor spells now heal. Heals performed -25% (so that healing is 75% as effective as armors, assuming armors are as effective as current heals)
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Score : 254
Im curious as to how you guys plan to make it so masks can be unlocked in the fight via gameplay mechanics. It seems like a lot of  turn 1 presence has been removed from classes lately, would this also apply to masq? When exactly will the potential power of masks kick in?

I think right now, masq is in an underwhelming state for end game PVE and is strong in PVP. It's good that there is a plan to keep heals for masq in some way, but I hope this passive is strong enough to make it a contending option amongst the other passives it has available.

Some reasons as to why I think the class is weak is...

It really is a versatile class (think osa, ecaflip) , most similar to eca in my opinion,  but it really doesn't excel in any of its roles. It can heal, support, do damage, and position but its subpar or average in all these categories. 
  •  Its damage is nowhere near the other melees, and it lacks innate tankiness from block/resistance the others would have. Positioning and mobility pales to a panda, its -res isn't the best to achieve, and supporting with carnaval is underwhelming due to its limited use, not to mention a very long revive cooldown. Just weaker numbers across the board for the class when compared to what others can do that masq provides.
  • Enchantment has also brought a couple indirect nerfs to the class. The free mastery provided from artful dodger isn't as great anymore when compared to the stats inflation from enchantment. This is also the case as to why brutality rune feels not as strong or how osa PVP was nerfed because summons can be 1 shot for example, when everyone's running around with high amounts of mastery. Masqs depended on velocity to help it stay optimal pre enchantment, and the -10% dmg from swiftness sublimination is pretty unappealing to the class too for those who want to do ST/brutality damage with their masq builds. Enchantment hasn't been all bad though as it made dodge a more easier stat to achieve, making it so evasion passive can be dropped.
  • Double is not as strong in the end game. One reason would be taking AoE damage from monsters which happens more in end game, making it more of a double edged sword. The reason double is good in ALS is because it will always have 6 ap, no matter what level you are. 6 AP is a lot more valuable to someone who is level 80 rather than lvl 200, perhaps this can be readjusted to scale up from lower numbers earlier on but stronger numbers in the end game (same with artful dodger passive?). It'd be nice for the class to have more dynamic interactions with its double, such as when casting certain spells on it, or having more passives that'd make the double feel more stronger. With masks being taken out of the spell deck (a very welcomed change by the way) this should allow some slots for more actives for double interaction. I know the double isn't the core mechanic the class should revolve around, such as how the panda is with barrel, or rogue is with bombs, but it would be nice to add more 2ndary effects onto spells to have interaction with the double in some way, shape, or form.

It seems like you guys want to push classes into its specialized role, such as the direction feca is headed in, but I hope with the changes you guys plan for masq, that you preserve its depth and multi faceted personality. The class feels great due to how flexible it can be in the midst of battle, and how it can change its role on a whim. Im excited to see what is in store for the class though.

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Score : 7179
I mean maybe the double could just have as much AP as you, but the summon spell costs 6 AP?
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Score : 223
To me, masq does pretty well as a supporter in the team. As a damage dealer, not really, although my masq isn't that well-geared, but I can already tell that's how the situation is, since a strong masq-centered team at lv200 doesn't exist, or at least I haven't seen one yet. 

As it's already aforementioned by lots of people, clone is more of a liability than an useful tool. It dies too quickly, and if you happen to be in aoe zone with your clone, probably you're on the dying table next, or survive another turn barely above 30% HP.  To make matters worse, the mobs somehow always love to focus masq or clone if any of the two is in their reach (always happens to me in mineral tower, where the mobs start next to my hupper, but decides to spend 8MP to hit masq instead).

So, with those problems in consideration, what I write here is my ideas regarding masq's survivability improvement, clone interaction and some quirks to buff his damage further:

1)Speaking of clone mechanics, it somehow reminds me of Shadowfang and her Shadow. So ... I guess we can have some sort of clone-orignal interactions like these:
  • If masq ends his turn in melee range with clone (adjacent or 1 cell apart), they'll both receive -20% damage taken (as long as they're in melee with each other) and gain 20% damage for the next turn. If masq ends in distance with clone, then he'll gain half melee mastery into distance mastery (the melee mastery isn't lost). I suggest this mechanics is to be put in a specific passive. Also, this can be upset by positioning spell that separates the clone and the original away from each other. In this case, the enemy has less opportunity to aoe both of them, either they aoe both with less damage, or just single-target each.
  • Any buffs and debuffs that the original receives externally before his turn (e.g. by a feca, eni, sadi, etc. and not self-generated by the masq itself) will be transferred to the clone when it is summoned and will be kept as bonuses to the clone until it's killed. Masq can use Dance of Death to sacrifice the clone, and transfers all those buffs/debuffs to all allies and yourself in 1 turn and the spell has 4 turns cooldown. Imagine if stabilization is a buff/debuff, you can have a full team stab. with just one spell, which is very handy in some cases I guess.
These two ideas aren't original of course, 'cause I just blatantly copy Shadowfang's mechanics into this section. But tbh, if you think about it, it's actually quite cool. This will help masq's survivability, more distance mastery (for distance healing when it's too risky to melee heal an ally) and secure a 1-turn all-in burst with Dance.

2)Another clone-original interaction mechanics I want to call out is "elemental stack". 
  • Whenever the original performs a spell on a target (ally or enemy), it will give a "stack" on the target itself, and "stack" increases if a spell of the same element is used on that same target. So, there will be 3 types of stacks: Air, Water, Fire. These "stacks" can only be consumed by the clone to deal additional effects with the corresponding element (fire attack consumes fire "stacks", and so on), and at the same time, get "stacks" on the target that only the original can use. I'll let the dev decide what these effects are if they are implemented, 'cause I have no idea what can be reasonable at this point lol.

3)Another mechanics regarding the clone is to take away its "free will"
  • Clone can be controlled by the player, but its action is limited by the amount of AP leftover from its master. Therefore, I think masq player can choose to forfeit their control over the clone. Instead, the clone will automatically copy and perform all of the spells and actions that the original has done during his turn. There should be a list of spells/actions that the clone is allowed to do and not to. Imagine being bombarded with 24AP in 1 turn, yikes ...
  • Or the clone can be just another Eca's bow meow, and can do whatever he wants with a fixed 12AP xD. But I guess no one wants AI to control their fate. It messes more than it helps I suppose.

4)Masks now can be given to enemies:
  • So yea, I think masks should be able to be given to enemy, followed with a debuff/buff corresponding with each mask type (Psycho mask: give enemy 20% damage, -100 res for example). But in this case, the mask you put on mobs won't return to you like as you give mask to ally. In order to retrieve back the mask, you need to hit the mob with the element of that mask (Psycho mask = hit fire and so on) or until the mob is killed.
  • Wear/change/give mask should cost no AP as well. But its use is limited to 2-3 times per turn.

5)Last but not least, a buff to Elemental Disciple passive (I don't even know if it needs a buff actually, just a wild idea I have):
  • Again, a stolen idea from Abandoned Workshop dungeon. The idea is to perform a water spell, followed by an air spell. Then, the next fire spell (masq's fire spell, or another ally fire spell) will deal twice the damage. Think of it as a debuff.

My apologies for the lengthy post. This is more of a "Hey guys, I have pretty wild fantasies" than "Hey, these should be implemented !". In conclusion, since I'm not a masq main but have a masq in team, I'm satisfied with what he can do for now in my settings. I'm more intrigued by what the changes are gonna be, rather than be upset by it.
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Current problem with the Masked Spirit is that endgame mobs deal so much damage that if the MS gets targeted by anything substantial he's generally dead. Endgame mobs can easily strip 50%+ of a player's HP, since the MS only has 40% he immediately dies on being targeted and is on cooldown for 5 turns. Meanwhile Osa summons often have enough HP to survive being attacked even with lower res.

A passive that increased clone HP could be an optional remedy to this, or there could be a passive that increases the risks associated with the MS while making him tankier. This could give the MS 100% of the Masq's HP but:
  • The masqueraider will no longer dodge the killing blow targeted at the MS.
  • The MS will be targeted by the AI identically to a player.

Perhaps some other effects to enhance play utilizing the MS could also be included with this passive. This allows the Masq to use their MS more disposably/safely, or use this passive to take on increased risk but gain a more durable MS and perhaps some other benefits. But considering the massive cooldown on this spell I think the base HP should be increased to at least 50%-60%, 40% is just too low for endgame activities.
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I know I've already talked alot about the class, but an important point came to my mind recently: Masq has no positioning spells unique to itself that does not cause damage to enemies, and spitbull also heals allies (which has its own set of problems, e.g. unzerking an elio/sacrier). At lower levels this is fine, but in the vast majority of end-game content (Blights, Ghosts, Count Harebourg, Mineral Tower, Sor'Hon, to name a few) There are situations that dealing damage to a mob/boss while positioning them can kill you or put you at a disadvantage. This puts the other positioning classes like feca, panda, and sacrier far ahead of masq. Enu, Enri, Sadi, Elio, Ouginak, Sram, etc. have at least one positioning spell of their own that does not cause damage, even if they are not positioning classes. If for balancing, masq does not get such a spell, or ability to negate their damage, then fine, but it should be mentioned at least. 
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Sherzo didn't used to do damage, but that got changed in the "let's get rid of knockback damage instead of moving it to a passive or somethign and let's just add more damage to air"
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just make fire branch reduce elemental resistance! It's not just gonna be useful for the masq, but for the entire group :0

another idea is based on the genious that said to make all masks be unlockable in the beginning of the game like pandawa positioning spells (took me 50 lv to get classic mask!!!) and use it to give more active spells like for example a totem that you can put a mask on to give allies around it a specific buff or/and add a passive that changes the mask to opposite proprieties (called mask reversal or something) 
another idea based on the totem idea is that it could interact with the masqueraider acording to the mask playstyle like give a buff if you keep enemies away from the totem using the coward mask, dealing damage to enemies while around the totem using the psycho mask or slam an enemy into the totem using the classic mask! just so many possibilities!
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what i mean about the fire branch is like, not just the 1st spell sad that would just make him one shot mini targets, but like what if there was something that could help the group to face tanks and didnt only last the turn that you switch to psycho mask? (enutrofs can do that turn to turn so long as they are good at managing gold mines)
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