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mask PVE viable?

By blackpropower - MEMBER - November 06, 2019, 03:47:47

Hi everyone, im a returning masq player, i've been afk from the game for quite a while and lately i've been coming back and i have no idea how the balancement is rn but i have the feeling that masq is still underpowered as when i left, so when i joined back i still had my old ST melee build for pvp mainly tough realizing im garbage at it for now i wanted to go on for PVE but  i have really no idea if its any good and if i should keep going air water st and melee or if i should do something else like fire/water with aoe and some other stuff, any tips you're willing to give is a huge help. also yes if you're wondering im still very nooby on this game even after all this time.

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Mask is viable on PvE at all levels.
Now, it loses it's edge on late game (level 185/200) in comparison to other classes but it is still viable. On those levels it's not a pick for high stasis dungeon running tho.
On lower levels it's not only viable but very powerful as well.

As for builds, it depends mostly on your playstyle. I use ST/Melee from 140 and above, but that's mostly a personal choice. I know people that went full melee or even brutality, and worked very well. Going for more specialization allows you to ditch higher damage. It's just mobs tends to not be as easy to AoE on endgame content as it is early on, making fire branch less appealing.

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yhea i can see why in endgame where positioning can be crucial the red branch might not seem optimal, i just liked the looks of the spells and the aoe rly but i guess it's true, so then i suppose i should just keep going with my st melee build, thanks for the suggestion buddy! appreciated

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Yes, mask is very viable. I focus to SiM/Melee on 200 and work very good in PvE. 

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I'm not a masq main, nor have i played the class extensively but ive ran a lot of content with Masq players and heard about others
From what ive seen, (and because you specifically wanna know about AoE), AoE masq excels at lower level content, dishing out some seriourly high Dps for any other DD's at its level, it naturally struggles with some mobs that have a higher fire res, as most of its good AoEs are in the fire tree, but that doesnt mean the damage output is any less impressive

As Rori said its going to be higher level content that you might see the issue, Masq does not scale very well when it comes to output when compared to other classes like Iop, Sacrier, Sram,etc
Its ability to heal, while handy, isnt too needed, as classes like Eni and Sadida will be gods of support at this point, making it less useful.

Brutality masq will have a very nice output, the issue is a lot of content at lv200 frowns on AoE and makes it a lot harder to pull off, some examples being Badgeroxxor forcing you to AoE but only in backstab, Softboiled Dreggons giving other dreggons resist if you AoE them, and Dreggon warriors straight up nuking you if your AoE wont kill it in 1 turn, Dormor Dungeon mobs will revive if you dont kill them in certain ways, Warhogs can only die when no one is near it, while balrog requires 2 people in CC

ST Masq isn't much better off, whilst it wont suffer when it comes to getting the backstab kills or even at all with mobs, it suffers much more with Boss's as most of its higher DPS output will require moving the boss, which is something you rarely ever want to do, with few exceptions

Im going off on a tangent, but to conclude:
Is AoE or ST Masq viable? Absoloutly, but you will need to work a lot harder with it than you would for other DD's
AoE or ST masq? Purely personal preference, both are viable, but if you plan on doing ALS i highly encourage you to do Brutality AoE

There might be a few people who discourage you for not being "meta", ignore them, build diversity and personal enjoyment is far more important, and better players wont care

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It's not that masq doesn't scale very well. It's that other classes have more stable final damage increase or/and higher spell base damage. Masq edge always was the 400 melee mastery gained from its passive -  a big bump to cover up it's pretty meh base damage. With new enchantment system that bumped all people's damage way up, the 400 damage masq gain is even less notorious, which was already dependent on being ultra-specialized to ditch damage (st/melee or bruta, even backstab).
To stack up big hits, you use a lot of tricks like fluctuation, burst of wakfu, renewal and a lot of other things. All to keep up with other endgame DDs. And by that you are much less efficient, using a lot of mp, needing to be close by and whatsoever. I don't see it as needing to move boss a lot - I've never had this trouble on endgame at least. The trouble I see is that mask is way too frail on endgame. It is potentially two targets on masq due to double while double doesn't benefit from half of the masq's buffs, making masq lose another bit of its edge. Not even getting to the point that -100 resist became completely wasted with enu around.

To defend masq on endgame: it is very versatile, saving stuff with positioning, covering up lack of heals and having thick bursts that allow nuking some pesky mobs. But it's just not as effective as other DD classes due to its nature of jack-of-all-trades. It allows you to save people from a bunch of situations, but an Iop or fog will always ditch out higher damage.
As we both mentioned, AoE has several issues on lategame, even more on melee. Sum up with psycho's -50 resist and double's innate fragility and you get to die pretty quickly. But it is still viable.

Just to reinforce that this is only on endgame. As mentioned, Masq under level 170 is a true powerhouse, even more with Brutality AoE. On level 125 it peaks up a lot due to the upgrade of artful dodger passive, making it easily overpower other DDs due to the 300 extra mastery (that can be doubled with brutality).

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