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Save and Doubles

By Azumite - MEMBER - July 24, 2019, 00:27:39

So long story short I didn't test out how the save sublimation works when the double is out.
(I did but that was when save wasn't working at all)

If you have the save sublimation and a double out, how does it work?
I run tenacity so I have at least 2ap leftover anyway and really want to capitalize on that.

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In my opinion, any AP that more than the max 6 AP which can be carry forward to double will be consider as unused AP for the next turn. It is just my thought.

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By the way, I am more curious if the Tenacity II (when available in future) can be stack with 2x Tenacity when character ends turn with 6 AP left, which mean can up to +110 elemental resistance total in one turn. 

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I hate to nerco threads but I finally dropped save and was able to test it out.
TLDR; Tenacity triggers first, then Save triggers, then whatever ap is leftover after save is transferred to double

A. Tenacity triggers before Save: so you'll gain resist and then save triggers. (+50 resist and +ap at the end of your turn)

B. Save triggers before the ap check for double

If you end the turn with 2ap it'll work out like this
First you gain the 50 resist from tenacity
Then save kicks in and you'll save 1-3 ap
whatever is leftover is what is transfered to the double
If you have 1ap after save the double gets 1ap

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Hmmm, so do that mean if wanted to pass 6ap to double, then you need at least left 9ap before end turn instead? 

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