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By iTuneV2 - MEMBER - August 10, 2018, 01:15:27

Hi Everyone,I decided to play wakfu again, i feel like im new to the game because of the changes. I played wakfu 2 years before, my main hero was masqueriader lvl 150, i use to play dual account, and i see that there is new character added in-game, and i think my masq has been nerf because my nephew played it.My first question is, what character would be the best to team up with masqueraider?
2nd question, how can i buy orgines if i don't have any credit card?, and im from philippines.
i really need to buy scroll of obsolution, to reset my masq.

thanks in advance and god speed to all player and staff.

The Brotherhood of tofu

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I'm not sure how long you've been away for, but now every character starts with 3 characteristics pages, so if they haven't already been used you can just open a new one and assign the stats you want. It'll be easier to ask someone in-game how to do this than have me direct you over the forums though.

Fogger is a pretty good partner to Masq, rails augment the already good mobility, and between Blockades and Heals you have pretty good defensive abilities.

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it's been to years since i left the game and month ago, my nephew ask to borrow my account and he already use the remaining page section, so my masq has been nerf, thanks alot for answering my question 

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Rather then start a new thread I'll toss my two cents in here.
Its been about a year maybe a year and a half since I have played and I want to know whats different in Wakfu now for Masks.

I came back and sets were completely different levels, when I left Air Water was the meta for Masq 
Where do Masks stand in the current state of the game?
Whats the general build outlines? (Fire/ water, air/fire, water/air)
If I re spec (I'm a lower leveled player player at 55) What should I put my points into?


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U dont need scroll if u will buy God Booster (to play with 3 characters at the same time).
Welcome back, i`m returning player too smile

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