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[Guide] Fire/AoE/Brutality Masqueraider - Updated September 2019

By Tiefoone - MEMBER - July 23, 2018, 12:25:44
Currently under construction.
First and foremost, the main reason you should try this build is that it's just really dang fun. Plenty of classes in the game have AoE spells, however none of them have Masq's combination of AoE, Map Control, and ability to synchronize with their own summon to move mobs around for AoEs. Your cogs will constantly be turning as you plan how to most effectively bunch mobs up, and the end result is beautiful carnage.

That said, some pros of this build:
  • Very powerful compared to other classes up until around 140 where other classes passive evolutions bring them up to speed.
  • Capable of truly monstrous AoE damage with good setups.
  • Assuming decent resistance, can remain healthy fairly easily thanks to lifesteal.
  • Gets a big boost from the Brutality epic rune.
And some cons:
  • Becomes significantly less effective if the Masked Spirit is killed, it is often preferable to set up AoEs for him and then have him do most of the damage.
  • Most spell AoEs are large and awkward, this can sometimes make it hard to avoid hitting allies or triggering undesirable on-hit effects of enemies.
  • Some mob/dungeon mechanics are inherently anti-AoE, such as Blackspore where hitting mobs that are near each other causes them to buff each other.

  • Intelligence: This is the same for virtually every class, your first 10 points should go into resistance, followed by nothing but %HP until near endgame, at this point you can choose to take 3-4 points in barrier. This sacrifices some HP, but taking -100 off of incoming damage a few times a turn can really add up in longer fights. Armor is not a good choice, as the less HP you have, the less HP your clone will have, and it's important that he remains alive and kicking (or in this case whipping).
  • Strength: Your first 40 points should go into Area and Close Combat mastery, the order is not particularly important, however Close Combat will also boost your Single Target spells, whereas Area will allow the parts of your AoEs farther than 2 cells away deal more damage, the choice is yours. The last 10 points just go into Elemental mastery.
  • Agility: Here the answer is almost always to just dump every point into Dodge. As you can now receive monstrous amounts of Dodge from enchanted rings at endgame, you could consider using points elsewhere once such luxuries are available to you, but until then, Dodge investment is the way to go in Agility.
  • Chance: Opinions differ here but I suggest 20 in % Crit, 20 in % Block and then 10 in Critical Resistance, in that order. As we generally don't use Classic Mask, Critical mastery is not as reliable, and 40 resistance vs Critical Hits just seems better than 40 Critical mastery to me anyway.

  • Burst of Wakfu: Until level 50 there isn't much reason to use this passive, as most fights are short and you won't use Psyk Out that often. Once the third passive slot opens up though it should become a permanent resident among your passive selection, it keeps WP regeneration high and provides some extra damage for a WP spell every other turn. Liberator stacks do build up (up to 10) so you don't need to spend them right away.
  • Artful Dodger: As soon as this is unlocked it goes into your deck and never comes out again, this is the passive that cements Dodge as a must have for Masq. The Melee/Heals bonus caps at 100 below level 120, and at 400 once it evolves, any dodge gains in or out of combat contribute to the bonus, so after evolution each spell cast will also be increasing your Close Combat and Healing by 30 (assuming you haven't yet reached the cap). Before level 50 and after 120 Evasion+Artful dodger can be a good choice to take as passives, as the extra damage can be a big deal if you're in lower quality gear.
  • Charade: This spell is the core of the popular non-crit Single Target build, however it's not terribly useful to this build since we're generally using Psycho Mask. Experiment with it if you like but I don't recommend it, either way, it's basically useless before it evolves at level 130.
  • Carnival: Carnival is a nice little support passive, and is usually what I take at endgame if I'm not using carnage. Saves AP here and there with cheaper mask swaps, and allows you to give allies some pretty hefty buffs for just 1AP. You can also just fling Classic Masks at Iops then sit around near them for a guaranteed 20% Damage Inflicted.
  • Mask Master: The most interesting feature of this passive is the 20%/25% Damage Inflicted for causing a collision between two enemies. You can trigger this with Scherzo, Psykotik, and Classtanet. Aside from this you get a nice bit of Rear Mastery, there is also the heal for causing collision, however this is considered a single target heal so tends to suffer due to AoE mastery on this build.
  • Catch me if you can: I am not a fan of this passive, it takes a long time to stack, certain fights make ending beside either allies or enemies a bad idea or outright prohibit it, everything is lost if you fail to end beside something once, and it imposes more task loading on you each turn as you also need to plan in order to end beside something. In short I hope it gets the boot in favor of something more useful in future.
  • Elemental Disciple: Outside of using Classtanet+Fugue+Psyk-Out for a big boost to your Psyk-Out there's not many other uses for this passive. I'd rather just use another fire spell or leave more AP for the Masked Spirit, do with it as you will.
  • Carnage/Medicine/Inhalation: Pretty basic passives, if for some reason the team wants you to heal (i.e. spam Spitfall) then Medicine could be good. That aside, I usually use Carnage, you can drop it if you'd rather have better heals, but the rest of the time you want it for more damage and therefore more lifesteal. Inhalation can provide another 10% Damage Inflicted if you keep your initiative low, with my dismal 85 Initiative I usually take this, as every endgame mob has more than 205 initiative. The Masked Spirit inherits the bonuses and penalties from these passives, but does not inherit the damage bonus from Inhalation or the extra damage against armor from Carnage.
  • Classy Masqueraider: I'm not a fan of this passive either, takes a while to stack, the only notable bonus is the 20% Crit (sorry Hornito), and if your Masked Spirit is removed from the field the bonus is gone. I'd rather have a passive that gave the Masked Spirit more HP and some other bonuses than a passive that buffs me for using it.
  • Fluctuation: Obtained from the level 85 Huppermage Academy quest, Fluctuation is much loved by Single Target builds who can dodge back and forth endlessly for 60% Damage Inflicted on Spittoon. Even without Coward Mask, our high Dodge allows us to get some good use out of Fluctuation, generally if I'm going for a big Psyk-Out I'll be sure to dodge around the target a bit to get a few stacks, 30%-45% can be obtained reliably, with 60% usually being the result of a mob ending beside you.
Active Spells
  • Coward Mask: The go-to for Single Target builds, you generally have no use for this unless you're healing or have Carnival in your deck.
  • Masked Spirit: The most important of your active spells, Masked Spirit is kind of a big deal. He has 6AP, and at the end of your turn he gains up to 6AP you have leftover, he also gets your Crit, Dodge and all the final damage you have at the start of the fight, he only has 40% of your HP though, so is a bit fragile, take care of him and he'll take care of you.
  • Psycho Mask: The mask we'll be wearing most of the time, provides 20% Damage Inflicted, Lifesteal on Psykotik and all WP spells, and a few other bonuses to Fire spells at the cost of 50 resistance.
  • Classic Mask: Great for buffing others with Carnival, the MP per cast of Classerole can also make it useful for map control. When the wearer crits, everyone within 3 cells gains 5% Damage Inflicted, this stacks up to 4 times, thus placing it on allies can also buff you and anyone else nearby.
  • Dance of Death: This is an MP buff, a revive, and a summon control spell all in one. If cast when the Masked Spirit is not active, it simply gives you 2MP for 2 turns. If cast when the Masked Spirit is active, it will revive every downed ally on the field and give you 2MP and 2AP for 2 turns. Even if there are no allies to revive, you can use this to remove your clone from the field when he's out of WP or being a liability.

Elemental Spells
  • Fracture: Your most reasonably sized AoE, Fracture can deal damage surgically in comparison to its crazy big brother Psykotik, it also strips some armor (not very useful) and applies incurable, which can be useful in some PvE fights or if you decide to fight a pesky healer in PvP.
  • Hornito: Capable of nailing more targets in Close Combat than any of your other AoE spells (and has a neat spell animation). Sadly flaming will have pretty mediocre damage unless it manages to bump off a low HP target, in which case the resulting AoE damage can be pretty good. Hornito is nice to have, but if you're needing to fit utility spells into your deck it is usually the first fire spell on the chopping block.
  • Psykotik: Your bread and butter attack spell, Psykotik has a great big 3 radius cross AoE that also pulls any targets in it towards the center, mobbing them up for further AoEs. The fact it also has lifesteal usually makes it preferable to Fracture or Hornito, as it will keep you healthy. The AoE is amazing when there are lots of mobs, it becomes a nuisance when there are lots of allies in the way.
  • Psynapse: Basically a beefed up Iop Charge, this lets you cover 5 cells for 4AP, sadly it is not an AoE spell, so the damage tends to be a bit poor. It can also remove MP when Psycho Mask is equipped, not of much note unless a mechanic requires removing MP for some reason. It can only be cast at 1 range if you are Stabilized.
  • Psyk-Out: Your stonking big nuke, with the 10% bonus to base damage from Psycho Mask this hits harder than Iop's wrath. However it only has 2 cells of AoE that are within Melee range, meaning you're at best going to be getting solid hits on 2 targets with it, it's also your best choice for hitting a single target. The resulting teleport is sometimes nice, but is generally a bit of an inconvenience.
  • Fugue: Lets you jump backwards one cell and deal slightly above average damage for 2AP. Short of using it for Elemental Disciple combos I can't see any other reason to use it in a deck for this build, and I never have.
  • Backbeat: Average damage, can trigger knockback between yourself and a target, and pushes the target in the direction you are facing when you cast the spell while pushing you in the opposite direction, can be useful for Single Target builds, of little use on this one.
  • Spitfall: The only AoE spell outside of the fire branch, Spitfall is not to be underestimated. While it has a 3/turn cast limit, this applies to you and the Masked Spirit separately, thus it can be cast 6 times per turn. This can result in a lot of heals if all 6 of these are cast on the same spot, this build's only effective healing spell, Spitfall will often find a place in your deck,
  • Spitbull: While not being much use for heals or damage, Spitbull is still a very effective map control tool, and you'll likely want to bring it to any dungeon requiring positioning (Xelor Past, 200 Mineral Tower, etc). Though it is a little hard to squeeze into your deck.
  • Spittoon: While it dominates Single Target build's kit as the main healing/damage dealing spell, Spittoon is of little use to us unless it's somehow worthwhile to apply Chains for 5AP 1WP.
  • Whipkick: Turns the target away from you if it isn't stabilized, and unfortunately for it, has the same Damage/AP ratio as a AoE spell. This is a somewhat low priority spell even on a Single Target deck, and as deck space is limited, it's never going to find a place in an AoE deck.
  • Scherzo: Pushes the target 2 cells while bringing you along with it and dealing a little damage, Scherzo is mandatory for map control and mob shuffling, never leave home without it.
  • Classtanet: The second in our trio of mandatory Air spells, Classtanet is great for moving around and getting access to backstab. It cannot be cast if you are stabilized, if cast on a stabilized target you can still teleport behind them but they will not be pulled, so if their back is against an obstacle you will just jump in place and accomplish nothing.
  • Classerole:  Completing our trio of mandatory air spells, Classerole will link you to the target, causing them to follow you when you move using MP, any other form of movement will break the link. Additionally the link does not work if you or the target are stabilized.
  • Classablanca: Classablanca has been in a pretty poor state since knockback damage was removed, I wouldn't use it on a Single Target deck at the moment so it's certainly of no use in an AoE deck.

AoE Tips
There are two heuristics I use when I see an opportunity for AoE attacks and these are to maximize total AP on targets and minimize use of Classerole and Classtanet:
  • Total AP on targets is simply the AP cost of the spell used multiplied by the number of targets hit, and is a good way to maximize damage without overthinking it. This mostly applies to Hornito, Fracture and Psykotik, as Psyk-Out has significantly higher DPA on top of benefiting from Liberator, and is more for nuking 1 or 2 targets.
  • As far as your AoEs are concerned, Scherzo is free, however your 2AP positioning spells are not. Every AP spent on positioning mobs for AoE is less you have to attack with, and if we look back to our maximizing total AP on targets rule, you might realize that spending 2AP to get one more mob into your AoE might actually result in less total AP spent on targets when attacking. Even if there is an increase, if it is small then chance are it isn't worth it, as while you'll deal a similar total amount of damage, it will be spread out over more targets.
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what would be the variation if I wanted to use Dathura Souvenir instead of Tramontanring?

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Score : 9659

Besides the obvious you would need to substitute:
Mail Har > Geode
Tranmontanring > Ring for Lyf
Panache Cloak > Poached Cloak
And swap two of your damage runes from Destruction to Melee, the result has 55 less mastery, but is still pretty decent, though the resist is notably worse (W 73%, E 75%, A 74%, F 71%), and you lose 50 init, which isn't too big a deal but it can be nice being able to get 200ish with the passive.

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Score : 4210

Whoa, crazy resistance for the amount of damage you got there. Initiative is also really nice considering majority of Masq don't really have all that much nowadays (Inhal or not, not everyone can afford a free slot for it).

Awesome job, though I notice you use Fluct passive as well as the Scherzo spell. Isn't that a bit awkward at times?

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Yeah the fact only 3 of my Passives are actually Masq passives kinda demonstrates that Fire Masq needs a passive, I'd vote for Classy Masq going to the glue factory and getting replaced by a passive that maybe has some combination of:

  • Double flaming on Hornito.
  • Psynapse becomes a 1-cell cross AoE (like it was previously) and its damage is lowered to base 23/AP like the other non-WP fire spells.
  • Increases lifesteal of Psykotik and WP spells to 35% (only with Psycho still).
  • Fire spells no longer hurt allies (I'm not sure if the fact they do hit them is some kind of balance but this would be really nice, probably least likely to happen though).
  • Something to make Fracture less useless.
  • Maybe +1 range on Psyk-Out or something (or diagonal casting :^) ).

Scherzo is mandatory for shuffling mobs for AoE among other things, I plan to upload some example gifs or something later to demonstrate this kinda stuff. Fluct isn't really as central to the build as it is on ST builds, you'd primarily use it if you start close to something and want to nuke it with Psyk-Out, and you're likely to get some stacks here and there if you're shuffling mobs.
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This looks like a lot of fun , ill try this when i'm done with my current

This looks like a lot of fun , ill try this when i'm done with my current

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Score : 357

I'm curious if this is still relevant with today's Masq. I have been using Risingson's build which is great for single target but it REALLY slogs down when trying to level.

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Score : 9659

Yeah it's still mostly applicable, may be a few changes but playing/building masq isn't really rocket surgery. This build probably does best at <120 or optimized endgame though, you might be a bit weak if you're cruising through the mid 100s in transitional gear compared to a ST build, but it's likely workable.

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Id like to share my own brutality masq concept that ive used for lvl 200 and am fairly happy with. It's kinda a mix between how most people play coward masq, with building fluctuation and charades and ending with a spittoon, but with a psych-out instead. I use an excess rune, the passive, carnival, and switching between coward and psycho-masqs for massive damage. The build has some weaknesses like for instance since 13 ap is highly recommended, you are much more effective at closer quarters since mp is very limited. It's strength is that it stacks a lot of dmg modifiers on one spell, a critical hit, -100 res, final dmg % that can stack up higher than 200%, and the backstab, ofc.
My 2 turn excess combo is as follows
turn 1: coward mask, classtanet, (dodging) fugue (on empty spell, and procs elemental disciple), psycho mask, psychout, coward mask
turn 2: classtanet, DOD, fugue, psycho mask, psych-out

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